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Business Consulting

Leverage 20+ years of experience in building high-tech products in variety of B2B and B2C domains (Autonomous Vehicles, AI/ML,  Smart Devices/Wearables, Advertising Tech and Education Tech). With expertise in working on 0-1 products at Startups like Cruise and big companies like Facebook, TPMify can help you scale faster. We will be your strategic partner to help you reach your business goals - identifying strategic gaps, implementing best practices, designing effective organizations and providing leadership guidance. 

Organizational Design and Setup

Do you need help setting up a program management function?

Are you struggling with hiring and retaining top talent?

Building a new function from the ground up is a huge undertaking. TPMify can help ensure your business and the new function are setup to deliver the highest impact and scale your business. With experience hiring in a highly competitive market, TPMify can streamline your recruiting practices, interview candidates and help onboard them. Furthermore, we can help you build strong teams through leadership coaching, mentorship and setting performance management frameworks. 

Process and Framework Setup

Are your projects getting delayed or unable to launch?

Are your teams struggling with producing desired results?

TPMify will partner with you to understanding your challenges, identify critical gaps and implement processes without unnecessary overhead. We will adapt tools and best practices to best fit the culture of your team while helping you get desired outcomes. We will build repeatable and scalable frameworks that can be easily learnt and shared. We have experience setting up the following frameworks:

  • Planning  OKRs, SMART Goals

  • Execution & Tracking: Agile (Sprint, Kanban, Smartsheets, Jira etc)

  • Dependency Management

  • Risk Management (Identification, Mitigation, Avoidance)

  • Communication Strategy

Program Management

Do you have an important launch coming up?

Do you need to bootstrap a big strategic initiative?

With over a decade of experience launching high tech products, TPMify can ensure your project launches on time with high quality to meet your customer needs. We will work with your teams to handle dependencies, mitigate risks and setup a framework for future launches. 

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Let's Work Together

Your company's goals will be our goals. Contact Us to learn more on how we can partner.

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