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Professional coaching to help you to navigate your career, build leadership skills and excel at work. TPMify will partner with you to understand you and your goals to arrive at personalized solutions that work for you. Sessions will be focused on navigating current challenges and planning strategically towards long term goals. We will work on an agenda together and create a path towards success for you!

Career coaching is a long term relationship and best leveraged through multiple ongoing sessions. You will be investing in yourself with a coach by your side. 

Transitioning to Technical Program Management

Are you an engineer / new grad who wants to transition to TPM?

Are you in non-tech / consulting and want to move into tech company?

TPMify will help you understand the requirements of the TPM role and guide you with a step-wise approach to get there. We will work together to build skills and experiences that will help with the transition. We will also provide additional interview preparation services as needed to ensure you are fully prepared to make the shift.

Navigating Your Career

Do you feel stuck at your level and want to get promoted?

Do you need help navigating the first six months in a new role / team?

TPMify will understand your strengths, values and areas of growth to help you get to the next level. We will focus on amplifying your voice, building credibility, communicating effectively and managing upwards. We will help you  become a recognized thought leader. 

Moving into Management/Leadership Roles

Do you want to transition to a people management role?

Do you want to transition to executive / leadership roles?

TPMify will help you understand and strengthen the skillsets needed to get into management / leadership roles. We will focus on mindset shift of getting results by yourself to making impact through your team/s. You will learn about top manager behaviors that lead to high performance teams and make you an admired leader. 

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Let's Work Together

Every individual is different and so are they career coaching needs. Contact Us to design your personalized career coaching package.

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