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Overcome the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your professional goals and becoming an inspiring leader. Tap into your full potential and become the leader you are meant to be.

The program is structured to guide you through a transformative journey. It will provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge you need to take charge and lead with confidence.  

Example of topics covered are:

  • Dealing with pressure or failure.

  • Building trust and credibility with stakeholders

  • Managing up effectively.

  • and more...

You will also get:

  • 3 personal 1:1 coaching sessions ($1000 value)

  • Templates, frameworks and resources based on your needs*

  • Exclusive discount for future 1:1 coaching ($2000+ value)

Dates and Time Commitment:

  • April 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023

  • 120 minutes per month - 2x 60 minute biweekly sessions

Date and Time TBD based on preferences submitted during application)

*Relevant templates if available will be shared depending on your needs 

This program includes:

  • 12 live group sessions ($6000 value)

  • 3 personal 1:! coaching ($1000 value)

  • Access to like-minded peers that can be leveraged as your personal board of advisors

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to coach via email or chat

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? Apply today and start making a positive impact on your team, organization, and community.

Investment upon acceptance of your application: 


(special introductory price)

(No payment required at this time)

This is an application only. Once accepted, you will have      72 hours to accept and make payment and book your spot. 


The Unleash Your Leadership group coaching program will enable you to work through your toughest professional challenges alongside a group of peers committed to building deep, trust-based relationships. These groups are for professionals who want to level up their leadership by sharing their deepest challenges and goals. 

Benefits include:

  • A professional  setting free from judgment

  • Honest feedback and authentic communication

  • A community of generous, unbiased problem solvers

  • Leadership growth through increased self-awareness

The group will meet for 60 minutes every 2 weeks for the duration of the program. 


Note: Group coaching programs are a significant commitment and only work if everyone shows up and puts the work in to break through any initial awkwardness and have meaningful conversations. Your group expects your full attention, preparation, and presence at every session. We ask that you apply only if you are willing to commit to showing up for your peers.

Program values

Here are values that each group should strive to hold.

  • Show Up: Your group expects your full attention, preparation, and presence at every session.

  • Take Ownership: If you think there are improvements to be made to your group, we encourage you to suggest them and help implement them.

  • Be Vulnerable: Being in a leadership position in this move-fast tech culture can be unforgiving, lonely, and frustrating. It can be tempting to keep your “I’m always crushing it” mask on. This is a space for folks who’d like to drop that mask with one another.

  • Problem-solve: If you think there are improvements to be made to your group, we encourage you to suggest them and help implement them.

  • Share the floor: Every group is best when every member has an equal opportunity to contribute to the conversation.


Program non-values

Here are some reasons you might not want to join this program:

  • Time commitment: No-shows in group sessions are not accepted unless there is good reason and a 48-hour heads-up is given. If you cannot commit 120 minutes every month and see yourself needing to miss multiple sessions, we encourage you not to apply because it'll impact the quality of experience for your peers.

  • Tactics vs. leadership and long-term thinking: If your primary goal of joining might be to get into tactical deep-dives or "consultations" (advice on very specific day-to-day issues at your company), this program may not be the right avenue. We can support this need through ancillary offerings or discussions.

  • Sharing emotions: If you find it uncomfortable to talk about your emotions and frustrations (as well as listen to those of other participants) with a group of other leaders over video calls, this program may not be a good fit for you.  


Community Guidelines

❣️ Respect the time of your peers

  1. We understand that life can get in the way! If you need to cancel your attendance, please give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice (we acknowledge this isn't possible in emergencies).

  2. Punctuality: Don't be late. A late show is as disrespectful to the time of your peers as a no-show. To be considerate to other members who made it on time and to prevent interruption, if you are late to an event, you may not be admitted. We hope you understand and respect this guideline.

  3. Members come from different backgrounds, ideologies, cultures, and experiences. Each of these is what makes the community global and strong. We ask that you be respectful of these differences.


🤐 Default confidentiality and off-the-record

  1. Everything—and yes, we mean *everything—* in this program is off-the-record and confidential. There is zero-tolerance policy on this front.

  2. Group members may be going through really difficult journeys. We've been there ourselves. We want to both acknowledge and honor this by creating an environment where everyone can freely speak their minds without fear.

  3. This means no screenshots of Slack, emails, etc., or sharing any internal community-related information or data with anyone outside the community. 

  4. In order to maintain confidentiality, sessions WILL NOT be recorded. 

  5. If you violate any of the guidelines, you will be removed from the program and broader community promptly.


🎥 Video on

  1. Many of our members are virtual, and intimacy is hard to build with a voice-only conversation.

  2. Since the community—in the truest sense of that word—is at the very core of what we're building with this program, we ask that you please do your absolute best to have your video on so your peers can see you.


Priyanka Shinde

Priyanka is a leadership coach for emerging and driven leaders in the tech industry. With an impressive background as a former Technical Program Management (TPM) leader at Cruise Automation and Meta (Facebook), she has a wealth of experience in building organizations and coaching teams to make the highest impact while fulfiling their career aspirations. 

Priyanka is deeply passionate about helping rising leaders overcome challenges, accelerate their growth and achieve their career goals efficiently to create a fulfilling work life that is in harmony with their values. As a coach, she works closely with professionals to help them discover their unique strengths and amplify their voice, ultimately leading to greater professional impact. Priyanka also shares her valuable insights via blogLinkedIn profile and her podcast Unleash Your Leadership

Priyanka resides in the Bay Area with her family and enjoys staying active with running and hiking while also indulging her sweet tooth by baking delicious goodies. With her extensive leadership experience and passion for helping others succeed, Priyanka is the perfect guide for anyone looking to unlock their full potential.

Who should join this program?

  • Aspiring and emerging leaders in the Tech industry

  • Anyone who feels stuck in their career and wants to build leadership skills. 

  • Anyone who wants to unlock their full potential and accelerate their leadership journey.

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