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My Journey

My name is Priyanka Shinde and I am an experienced leader in Technical Program Management. I have over 19 years experience in software technologies, working across the entire product development lifecycle in various domains like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Ad tech and education tech.

Early Career

My journey started working as an intern working on airbus simulation software during my time at Arizona State University where I was pursuing Masters in Computer Science. My first full time job was at a mid-sized software company as a software engineer. I led multiple projects in the education tech and financial tech domain and had the opportunity to solve many complex problems. Working on broad programs end to end gave me a view of how program management is a crucial function to software development. I loved working with multiple teams across the entire product lifecycle from design, development to deployment.

Making the Shift

In 2008, I decided to get a business degree to complement my technical background in computer science. I chose Product Innovation Management as my major as I was excited by how one idea from thousands becomes a reality with the right management and execution. My passion for technology and building delightful products to create user value drove me to make the move to Silicon valley - the mothership of tech.

Startup Life and Scaling

In 2011, I joined an early stage startup as a Technical Program Manager. I led complex ad tech initiatives and gained valuable experience. I also helped the companies to scale, creating efficiencies to boost team productivity and best practices to reduce redundancies. I helped my teams manage growing pains, coached new team members and set up frameworks for long term success of the company. This helped create visibility and transparency for C level executives.

In 2016, I joined Facebook where I got the opportunity to lead programs at scale working on products used by millions of customers. I worked in a highly cross-functional environment which required creating efficient frameworks to develop self-serve platforms and processes. During this time, I became excited about artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies and how it could change the world. I launched the first ever Facebook Assistant technology on Facebook Portal and Oculus devices.

Building TPM Function and Community

Every time I joined a new team, I helped bootstrap the TPM function for my team. I defined and evangelized the TPM role and worked with the TPM community across Facebook to help create the Product TPM brand. I also made the transition to management, creating a product experience focused team of TPMs responsible for driving e2e program strategy and execution ensure successful launch of new products

I have been mentoring, coaching, interviewing and recruiting TPMs for the past 10 years and really enjoy connecting with other TPMs. At Facebook, I kickstarted multiple initiatives such as Aspiring TPMs Circle, TPM Mentorship and streamlined TPM interviewing/recruiting practices within Assistant/ARVR (now FRL) organization.

I also drove multiple Diversity and Inclusion initiatives so that individuals in our teams feel valued and a sense of belonging. D&I is very close to my heart and as an immigrant and woman of color, I will continue to strive for an equal platform for all individuals.

Elevating TPMs and Managing TPM Leaders

I joined Cruise in 2020 and was responsible for leading the software TPM organization spanning 6 teams across Infrastructure, Security, Product Engineering, AI, Robotics and Simulations. Besides, managing highly complex initiatives to launch our San Francisco self-driving fleet, I established TPM best practices that ensured TPMs focused on high value work. I worked with my TPM leads to define TPM mission and values to give the TPMs a common voice and language. I grew the team from 20 TPMs to 40+ TPMs by establishing robust recruiting and interviewing frameworks. With the support of amazing TPM leaders on my team, we redefined leveling guidelines and focused on up-leveling every TPM. With fair calibration process and equitable compensation methodology, my team and I strived to elevate the TPM function.

Journey Continues...

I am very passionate about the TPM function and the value it brings to teams and organizations. I love to network with other TPMs to share challenges and success stories, learn from each other and brainstorm new ideas.

Having been part of the TPM function for 12+ years, I look forward to giving back to the TPM community - to anyone who aspires to be a TPM or is looking for ways to get to the next level.

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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