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Professional Speaking Engagements


Stan Ponder, Principal TPM @ Mastercard

Priyanka Shinde presented to our global Program Management Guild in August of 2022. Her presentation, “Achieving Meaningful Impact as a TPM” was highly anticipated from our members, and Priyanka did not disappoint. She used her vast experiences in the TPM realm to explain the superpowers needed to be a successful TPM – and what she looked for when building teams in her career. The session was extremely well-received by our members – when asking what was most impactful, members stated “her content regarding thought leadership and leading without authority” and the key takeaways made it a very impactful session. Our members rated it one of the highest sessions we’ve had all year. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise, Priyanka!

Career Coaching

Staff TPM/Manager @ EV Company

I'd read many books on TPM and program management but none were sharp enough to carve out my ideas and proposals. Coaching provided a nonjudgmental space for me to explore my ideas and anticipate risks before diving into implementation. It accelerated my decision making and goal setting.

Priyanka pushed me to develop both situational and self awareness. Situational awareness drove me to seek out information from colleagues and collaborators to check my assumptions and base my opinion on sound conclusions. Self awareness drove me to take up more agency and ownership in my preferences and positioning for growth. Coaching gave me a forum to safely explore, learn and navigate my relationship with management.  My career outlook has become more proactive and I feel empowered to strategically pursue selected wins with institutional backing.

I considered coaching a highly effective method of developing leaders at executive levels and thought it would not fit my career level. I'm glad I was wrong. With coaching, I've become more intentional and mindful about my approach to work and life: think about what I really need to accomplish, organize myself to place top priority on the results that really matter, perform based on my priorities, and check my results to make sure that I'm meeting goals mutually beneficial to my organization and me.

Interview Coaching

TPM @ Amazon

With TPMify's methodical approach to interview preparation, I went from not passing any phone screens to getting 2 competing offers (including a FAANG company) within one month. I recommend TPMify interview prep services to anyone who wants to excel in their interviewing skills and get the best offer.  

Priyanka provided a detailed overview of competencies  along with some great feedback on my written stories. She guided me on proper articulation techniques and complexity of the story that will invoke the interest of the interviewer. This helped me tell compelling stories in any interview situation. I also liked the mock interview format where I was provided with verbal feedback at the end of the interview, detailed notes (along with rating) for each answer as well as a video recording. Many of the questions she asked also appeared in my actual interviews. 

Priyanka is highly responsive via email and had great turnaround time on interview feedback which was helpful given that I had interviews lined up. I also appreciated her checking in with me after the interview and provided useful insights in decision making with the multiple offers.

On a side note, I find TPMify's blogs very useful and looking forward to more content.

Blog and More...

Blog & more...

TPM @ Microsoft

I have been following your blog at TPMify and have been impressed with what you have been doing to this community. Thanks for sharing a ton of knowledge, it really helps and means a lot. Thank you!

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