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Make impact quickly with this starter toolkit for Technical Program Managers.

  • Develop your technical leadership and solidify your TPM career path with these proven project management templates developed over the course of a decade. 

  • Universal templates that can be used with any project management tools.

Streamline your program management process and achieve your goals with ease.

  • Set short and long term goals

  • Create holistic program execution plans

  • Communicate progress clearly and succinctly

TPM Starter Toolkit to Jumpstart Your TPM Career 

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30-60-90 Day Plan to help you navigate your new role

Professional Goal Setting Template to set yearly goals with your manager incorporating the key tenets of being a TPM​

Gantt Chart Template to simplify tracking without fancy tools

Communication / Reporting Template to keep your stakeholders informed with the right level of detail on your project status.

What's Inside

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Want to Reach Your Goals Faster?

Unlock the secrets to achieving your dreams with proven strategies and expert guidance. Take action now and start accelerating your progress towards success!

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