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Craft your winning promotion packet with personalized strategies to persuade your management chain.

Secure your financial future and achieve 20 -30% boost in compensation.

Break free from your current level, exceed expectations and become promotion ready by building a career success roadmap.

Secure that promotion you have been eyeing and accelerate your career trajectory.

Supercharge your program management career with the only course designed for experienced TPMs, Program and Project Managers in Tech.

Ready to level up your program management career in Tech? Enroll now and unlock the path to success!

Thrive at Staff+ level and pave the way to leadership roles.

Stand out as a thought leader and become an irreplacable asset.

Cultivate influence and visibility to make a lasting impression on executives.

Advancing Your Career: Path to Staff+

5.0 Stars

Who Is This Course For?

Experienced Program Manager

Experienced Program Managers in Tech

Ambitious Technical Program Managers (TPMs), Program or Project Managers at startups and large technology product companies who want to get promoted in the next 1-2 years.

People Managers

People Managers

Managers of TPMs or Program Managers in the tech ecosystem who want to help level up their team members, and retain high performers.

This is one of the best technical program manager courses. Before, I felt stuck in my career growth and this TPM course not only gave me concrete strategies for promotion but also reignited my confidence. I'm now equipped to lead with influence. I am now accelerating towards my goals. 




Celebrate Every Milestone: Honor your achievements, no matter how big or small, and use them as stepping stones to your next success.

Path to Staff+ Workbook: Seamlessly navigate your journey with a comprehensive workbook, your trusted companion throughout the course and beyond. Craft actionable takeaways that chart a direct course to elevate your career.

Career Growth Templates: Harness the power of purposeful growth with meticulously crafted templates (Excellence Planner, IC Leveling Guidelines, Self Review, Promotion Packet, Goal Setting, Leadership Assessment, and more).

Strategic Frameworks: Gain access to invaluable frameworks that demystify the path to promotion (Title-Money-Scope, Leveling Competencies etc).

2 Hours of Video Content: Immerse yourself in an engaging hands-on sessions. Uncover the secrets to navigating your career trajectory with finesse.

6 Interactive Training Modules: Dive deep into thoughtfully designed training material that combines theory and hands-on practice featuring exercises and quizzes that ensure your learning translates to real-world mastery.

Unlock a Decade's Worth of Insights with this Comprehensive Course.

This intensive and dynamic course isn't just a learning experience—it's a time-travel capsule that condenses over a decade of expertise into a mere 10 hours.

Course Overview


Students gave this course 5 stars for value received through content and templates


Students experienced increase in confidence to advance their career


Cumulative compensation increase for my students who got promoted to next level


What You Will Get Out of This Course?

You personalized roadmap to promotion and success!

Leadership skill

We will discuss the significance of thought leadership in building influence and brand, how to grow your leadership and soft skills, and overcome the fears and self sabotaging thoughts to unleash your power.

Module 4-5:

How to elevate your leadership skills and influence the right people

craft your path

We will dive deep into strategic execution required to operate at next level, how to scale yourself for higher visibility, how to make the right tradeoffs and create actionable strategies to plan out a path to success.

How to craft your path to excellence and success

Module 2 & 3:

multiple tamplate

Get access to templates and frameworks which you can use for the months & years after the course ends.​

Multiple templates and frameworks



We will utilize promotion strategies for creating goals that take you to the next level, how to leverage your manager and stakeholders, and create a personalized promotion packet that will put you on the path to next level.

How to write a compelling case for promotion

Module 6

Conntect with priyanka

Connect with Priyanka during regular office hours, get your questions answered and gain new insights. 

  • Office hours (with 3-month access plan)

  • One round of feedback on your promotion packet (with 12-month access plan)

Connect directly with Priyanka


Transform your career

We will review tactics for improving your chances of getting promoted, what managers want you to know about performance calibrations and promotion cycles, how to find the right program and scope based on your skills & ambitions, and debunk costly myths about career management.

How to transform your career

Module 1

community group

You will become part of a wonderful community of peers via the course group. You can interact, connect, learn with them in a psychologically safe, positive sum environment. All enrolled students will get access to a group community area.

You will be in great company via a diverse community group.


Closer to my career vision!

This is the only technical program manager training that teaches you how to manage your career.  It was been eye opening experience for me. I was held back by many misconceptions that were hindering my progress. But now I'm carving my own path. With Priyanka's support, I've gained the courage to aim for Staff+.


A. M.

Staff TPM, Big Tech

Structured approach to build confidence!

Scaling myself for visibility was a puzzle until I started took this Advancing to Staff+ TPM training. The modules on strategic execution gave me a blueprint for standing out and maximizing my impact. I'm not just progressing—I'm becoming a recognized leader.



Staff Program Manager, Tech Startup

Best course to prepare for technical program manager interviews!

Before, I had some of the the skills but lacked a clear understanding. With the insights and information, I was able to create a roadmap to the next level. Today, I've secured a promotion thanks to Priyanka. The strategies I learned aren't just theory—they work.



Senior Staff TPM, Tech Startup

Negotiated 1 out of the 3 FAANG offers successfully with higher compensation and level!

I used to shy away from the spotlight. After working with Priyanka, I have presented confidently to executives and I'm already seeing increased visibility. It's a game-changer that helped me get a promotion.



Principal Program Manager, Big Tech

Opportunity to dive deep and learn from Priyanka's expertise and hiring experience!

Promotion cycles always felt like a mystery. Armed with insights from Priyanka’s experience, I navigated my company's process with precision. The results? A title and compensation that reflect my value.




student reports

Real Results

5.0 Stars

Learning outcomes reported by students

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About Priyanka

Priyanka is an experienced FAANG TPM Leader with over 20 years of expertise in engineering, product, and program management leadership roles across multiple domains, including Autonomous Vehicles, AI/ML, AR/VR, and AdTech. She has previously led technical program teams at Cruise Automation and Meta (Facebook), delivering cutting-edge technology products, building organizations, interviewing, and hiring hundreds of candidates.

Priyanka is passionate about empowering individuals to accelerate their career goals and develop effective communication skills, leadership presence, and strategic mindset to create fulfilling work lives that align with their values. She is dedicated to coaching and advising current and aspiring professionals by identifying their strengths and helping them amplify their voice to achieve meaningful professional impact. Priyanka shares her insights and knowledge through her podcast and LinkedIn profile, and tailored coaching sessions.

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  • I have designed this course based on research with busy professionals. Because you already have a lot on your plate, this course can be navigated at your own pace. Total time commitment is 3-5 hours, though of course you can choose to spend more time on the bonus materials and with your peers in the community.

  • Yes and No. While it is true that all of us can improve our odds of interview success, interviews are often not the main limiting factor for senior folks. So while we will spend a lot of time on advanced tactics to elevate your craft and get promoted (it is the biggest module!) please note that this is not a dedicated interviewing skills course. You can check out the Cracking the TPM Interview course if you are actively job searching.

  • No course in the world can give you step by step instructions. In this course, you will learn about what skills are required at higher levels of Technical Program Management, what can hold a TPMs’ career back, and tactics to make time for learning & growth. While we will have some exercises and hands-on practice time, this is not a pure skills building course. You must do that work yourself. No shortcuts.

  • The content for this course is catered especially to senior TPMs, Program Managers and People Managers. I do not recommend that aspiring TPMs & early career TPMs (say those who do not have a Sr. TPM, Sr. Program Manager or higher title or have less than 2-3 yrs program management experience) sign up for this course. You can check out the Cracking the TPM Interview course if you are actively job searching.

  • Finding a great next job is extremely important for our careers, in good times and in bad. We will cover this topic briefly during the course in line with how to carve a path to the next level. You can check out the Cracking the TPM Interview course if you are actively job searching which goes into specific tactics to ace your interview, job search strategies and building powerful storytelling for success.

  • No, this course is for senior TPMs and Program Managers who already have a strong technical foundation and adept program management and execution skills.

  • My own experience is largely in the United States, so the content will lean towards US-based folks. But the content is also appropriate for countries where there are many fast-growing technology product companies and equity is a significant portion of compensation.

  • While a lot of the language here & in the course itself is specific to TPM, non-TPMs will still find it extremely valuable and find most of what's covered in the course applies to their function & role. So if you are in a program-focused role without a TPM title, you could still consider enrolling.

  • I, Priyanka am an experienced FAANG TPM Leader with over 20 years of expertise in engineering, product, and program management leadership roles across multiple complex cutting-edge domains. I have led highly technical program teams at Cruise Automation and Meta (Facebook) to deliver business objectives and know what it takes to achieve success and get promoted.

    I have built multiple TPM organizations from the ground up and created performance frameworks and leveling guidelines. I have been in multiple calibration and promotion decision meetings and understand what goes on behind closed doors.

    I have coached and mentored hundreds of TPMs and program managers and seen them level up and achieve success by following my guidance.

    I can say with confidence that you will not find any other course like this one that’s targeted for experienced professionals in Program Management in Tech.

    You will also have the opportunity to join an exclusive community of like minded peers.

  • I have designed this course specifically for folks wanting to get to the next level. The material for this course has been created from the ground up based on my years of experience. Plus, it will take a ton of effort and context setting for most people to find, consume, and benefit from that public content like you would in the course.

  • No. Priyanka offers 1:1 executive leadership coaching for ambitious leaders and startup founders. Priyanka will however host regular office hours and the entire course is like getting career coaching from Priyanka.

  • People who join this course have the opportunity to join the UNLEASH Program. The UNLEASH community is a private community where I regularly answer questions and share exclusive content. Plus, there will be live events, AMAs, spotlight coaching and more on regular cadence.

  • I am creating the UNLEASH Community with the explicit intent of building long term relationship between myself and other members of the community. Once the course is complete, you will be able to apply to join the community.

  • Yes, you will receive a completion certificate from me, typically within 24 hours of the end of the last session of the course.

  • There are no refunds once the course has been purchased. You can choose to cancel your plan subscription at any time from your My Account page.

  • You will become a site member when you enroll in the course. You will have your own Account management area where you can access the course schedules and cohort community.

    Please ensure you are receiving all emails from Priyanka Shinde. Please check your Updates, Promotions and Spam folder to mark sender as safe and important so you do not miss any updates or messages from Priyanka