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Dive deep into TPM roles and responsibilities and  why Technical Program Manager role is in demand in Tech companies.  Learn how much salary does a TPM make and the right TPM training to build your TPM skills.

What is TPM

Make impact quickly without reinventing the wheel. Leverage these project management templates to create holistic execution plans, communication report, and goals that solidify your TPM career. 

managing career growth as a TPM

Go from facing rejections to landing your dream job. Jumpstart your Tech career with expert guidance from FAANG TPM leader.

interview preparation for TPM role

Launch Your Program Management Career in Tech

Build a solid foundation and set the stage for a successful program management career in Tech.


Unlock your success without the burden of hefty financial investments or the confusion of not knowing where to begin. Understand how to become a TPM with TPM Academy and why Technical Program Manager is a good career option. Nail TPM interviews with the best technical program management course online, and become a source of inspiration for others who want to build their Technical Program Manager career. 

Below, is a list of recommended resources to accelerate your early progress in the world of Technical Program Management.

Enroll in Technical Program Management training To Nail TPM Interview

In order to advance your career, it is crucial to master the art of asking for a raise or promotion. Achieving recognition and fair compensation for one's contributions can be done with the right tools and strategies. 


Excel through intentional career planning and advance in your career. These meticulously crafted templates will help you set the right yearly goals, write strong self-reviews, and get ready to make a strong impression in any new role.

TPM career Toolkit

Supercharge your program management career with the only course designed for experienced TPMs and Program Managers in Tech.

advancing your career

Achieve Mastery and Level Up Your TPM Career

Reach new career heights by mastering program management skills, strategizing meaningful impact and becoming influential force.

Bridge the gap between outcomes and extraordinary success without waiting for years. Reinforce your execution, elevate your craft, and hone leadership skills, to become a coveted and influential Program Manager in Tech.


Explore exclusive technical program manager training and resources tailored to propel you forward, fuel your career growth and fulfill your ambitions.

Boost Your Career With TPM Academy

Accelerate Your TPM Career

Welcome to TPM Academy, Your Gateway to Success in the World of Technical Program Management.

The Art of Strategic Execution Book

In these pages, you'll uncover:

  • Strategies to define success in your TPM career.

  • Techniques to leverage the ambiguity within the role for maximum impact.

  • Insights to fortify soft skills and ascend as an inspiring leader in the TPM domain.

This book delves beyond technicalities, emphasizing the intangible aspects—mindset, communication, influence, and leadership—that differentiate exceptional TPMs. Shinde outlines actionable strategies and shares compelling stories, focusing on how these traits elevate TPM excellence.

Discover the answer in 'The Art of Strategic Execution,' your essential guide to becoming an invaluable and indispensable TPM professional and fulfilling your career aspirations with confidence.

Is the ambiguity of the TPM role a hurdle or a hidden opportunity?

strategic execution
City Bank

Trusted by Clients from Large Companies and Startups


Priyanka is an accomplished Tech Leadership Coach with over two decades of experience in engineering, product, and program management leadership roles spanning diverse domains, including Autonomous Vehicles, AI/ML, AR/VR, and AdTech. She has a proven track record of leading technical program teams at Cruise Automation and Meta (formerly Facebook), where she spearheaded the delivery of cutting-edge technology products, established high-performing organizations, and played a pivotal role in interviewing and hiring hundreds of top-tier candidates.

Why Priyanka Shinde?

  • Unwavering passion for empowering individuals to fast-track their career aspirations.

  • Enabling emerging leaders to cultivate effective communication skills, leadership presence, and a strategic mindset.

  • Amplifying impact for professionals by identifying their unique strengths and leveraging her own expertise. 


Priyanka routinely shares her invaluable insights and knowledge through her podcast and LinkedIn profile.

TPM Leader and Executive Coach Priyanka Shinde

J. L.


Promotion cycles always felt like a mystery. Armed with insights from Priyanka’s experience, I navigated my company's process with precision. The results? A title and compensation that reflect my value.

A. M.

Staff TPM, Big Tech

Working with Priyanka has been eye opening. I was held back by many misconceptions that were hindering my progress. But now I'm carving my own path. With Priyanka's support, I've gained the courage to aim for Staff+.


M. S.


Before, I felt stuck in my career growth. Priyanka’s guidance not only gave me concrete strategies for promotion but also reignited my confidence. I'm now equipped to lead with influence. I am now accelerating towards my goals.

N. S.

Engineering Manager, Big Tech

Priyanka's technical program manager training is the best. Her training program helped me get over my interview jitters. I landed an amazing opportunity in my target domain area which has brought me closer to my career vision.

S. K.

Sr. Technical Program Manager, Tech

Priyanka provided deep insights into understanding of the TPM role and what it takes to succeed. Her POWERful storytelling framework is very helpful to build a compelling narrative. She also shared inside details on the weak vs. strong signals evaluation during the interviews

R. S.

Sr Technical Program Manager, FAANG

With Priyanka's methodical approach to interview preparation, I went from not passing any phone screens to getting 2 competing offers (including a FAANG company) within one month. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to excel in their interviewing skills and get the best offer.

Read What My Clients Have to Say About My Work

Discover best course for the best career

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Accelerate Your Career in Tech

Get unstuck and achieve professional success and financial freedom

6 Days

Cohorts-based Course

Apply Now
  • You can trust Priyanka because of her extensive experience leading technical teams in fast-paced environments to deliver highly complex products and building high performance teams. She understands the challenges that ambitious professionals face when striving for high performance. She has mentored and coached 100s of aspiring and ambitious tech professionals, helping them achieve impactful results that bring success.

    • Priyanka is passionate about giving back to the community through her podcast "Unleash Your Leadership" and her blog, where she shares valuable insights and expertise about the tech industry.

    • She founded the Women in Technical Program Management group, which empowers women to break the glass ceiling and achieve success on their own terms.

    • Priyanka's commitment to sharing knowledge, supporting others, and driving positive change in the tech industry makes her a trusted and respected coach.

  • A Technical Program Manager (TPM) is a special type of program management role often found in the tech industry. Read more here.

  • The TPM Academy is the go-to place  for all aspiring and ambitious TPMs, Program Managers and Project Managers in Tech. You can find various resources including toolkits and courses that are designed specially to help you build a fulfilling career.

  • No, you do not have to be a TPM. TPM Academy resources have been created for professionals with different backgrounds and diverse profiles. 

  • The Technical Program Manager Course and/or Bootcamp is designed to benefit individuals aspiring to excel in Technical Program Management. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your skills or someone entering the field, the courses and resources provide valuable insights, practical knowledge, and strategic tools to accelerate your career growth in the dynamic field of technical program management.

  • With TPM academy, you will have all the information, guidance and support that you need to find career success and maximize your potential. It is your responsibility to leverage these to the best of your abilities. You will be in control of your results. 

  • No. TPM Academy provides resources, in-depth data, support and guidance to maximize your potential. Your action is to find job that aligns with your goals.  

  • No. Most courses require you to have some understanding of program management concepts and methodologies. 

  • No. Most courses require you to have good technical foundation and understand technical concepts. We do provide you with a framework to interview for System Design interview. Additional System Design resources are linked from within the Cracking the TPM Interview course which we recommend for complimentary learning.

  • No. The courses are not accredited by any institution. They are not meant to be used as training for any professional certifications. They are based on decade plus of real world experience in the world of technical program management working at startups and Big Tech.

  • No. there are no certifications associated with the courses or bootcamp training on TPM Academy. The material has been developed using over a decade of first hand industry knowledge. It provides practical and hands-on  material that you can apply in your current work. 

  • No refunds will be issued for online products or services such as but not limited to events, self-serve courses, booking services, toolkits. Refunds for live classes or courses will only be available up to 48 hours prior to start date of the event. No refunds will be issued for No-Shows or once services are rendered. Please verify individual refund policies for any exceptions. 

  • Please email your questions to We will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

What is a TPM?

A Technical Program Manager (TPM) is a special type of program management role often found in the tech industry.

General FAQs

Got more questions? Email me

Becoming a strong manager requires you to become a leader first. Understand the differences between leadership and management and exhibit the right actions and behaviors so people are willing to follow you even if they don't report to you.


Sete your management career for success with this toolkit that equips you with proven templates. From manager interview tips to new manager transition plan, deliver outstanding results from day one and build strong teams that deliver business goals.

TPM Manager Toolkot

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock boundless opportunities in the dynamic world of tech program management. Become the inspirational TPM leader tech companies are looking for and redefine your management career.

Mastering TPM Management

Redefine Your Career and Unleash Your Leadership

Build a thriving management career in the world of Technical Program Management by building high performing teams, driving transformative change and delivering big business impact.

Lead with purpose, inspire your team and impress your stakeholders. Whether you are an existing manager ready to step into visionary leadership or just starting on this exciting career path for technical program managers, there are even greater achievements waiting to be unlocked.

Explore TPM Academy's technical program manager training and resources, paving the way for a future where your leadership creates lasting change.

Pursue Leadership Excellence in Technical Program Management

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Want to Reach Your Goals Faster?

Unlock the secrets to achieving your dreams with proven strategies and expert guidance. Take action now and start accelerating your progress towards success!

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