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Imagine achieving success on your own terms. Start your transformation journey today!


  • You sense that there's more you can achieve, but just not sure how...

  • You feel you are lagging behind while everyone else is moving ahead...

  • You know what you need to do but afraid to do it...

In just 12 weeks, I will help you achieve professional and personal growth and get to the next level of success!

From career transitions and business growth to leadership development and confidence building - I will guide you to transform your goals into achievements and elevate your professional and personal life.

Ready to turn ambitious goals to reality?

You've great potential but struggling to breakthrough and feeling stuck...



Join Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Priyanka will guide you through every step of your journey. These calls are the heartbeat of the program where you'll find space to amplify your strengths and navigate challenges with personalized guidance. These sessions are more than just learning, they're about evolving in real-time.

Leverage the Power of Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your drive for success, fostering deep, trust-based relationships. This network not only amplifies your individual power but also enriches your journey with collective wisdom and shared experiences.

Celebrate Every Milestone: Honor your achievements, no matter how big or small, and use them as stepping stones to your next success.

Cultivate Unstoppable Confidence: Believe in yourself and exude confidence that attracts opportunities.

Take Bold Action: Turn your ideas into concrete, actionable plans with  specially designed tools, strategies, and frameworks.

Create a Vision for Success: Craft a roadmap to guide you to your goals with a laser focused approach.

Unlock Your Full Potential: Discover the power within you, harness your strengths, and transcend your limitations.

Find Your Focus: Get clear on your purpose, motivations, and aspirations to fully embrace the possibilities ahead.

My proven 7-step UNLEASH framework where each step is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential tools, personalized guidance, and robust support you need to unleash your potential and achieve your goals.

The only step-by-step group coaching program designed to reinvent your personal and professional life.

Introducing: UNLEASH Your Success Program


Leaders coached and mentored using this powerful framework


Clients have recovered their investment with results achieved from this program


Cumulative compensation increase for my clients with new job offers and promos

Doubled my business revenue and achieved financial freedom!

Coaching with Priyanka has been a game-changer! She helped me unlock new perspectives, manage my anxiety as a business owner and provided me the clarity and vision. With Priyanka's tools and strategies, I created new sources of income, and tackled tricky situations with confidence. I am so grateful to Priyanka for being adaptable to my unique needs and being in my corner. Not feeling alone increased my self-belief, making this journey immensely rewarding.

Kayla Utahna

CEO & Founder

Who Is This Program For?

Emerging Leaders

You are at the cusp of leadership and eager to amplify your impact. This program is for those ready to cultivate essential skills and confidence, empowering you to thrive. Imagine reaching new heights with a clear purpose and resilience.

Ambitious Professionals

You are determined to scale new career heights and pursue lofty goals. This program is tailored for go-getters who are relentless in pursuit of their lofty goals. It's designed to propel your career forward, helping you break through barriers and achieve enduring success.

Growth-Seeking Individuals

You are seeking a more fulfilling, balanced life, rich with personal growth. If you're striving for clarity and purpose, this program offers the perfect pathway to break free from stagnation, transform lives, and embrace happiness.


What You Will Get Out of this Program

Embark on a revolutionary journey with immediate and lasting benefits. My UNLEASH Your Success program is designed to deliver tangible outcomes, ensuring your growth and success.

Don’t wait to start living the life you've always dreamed of. Join the UNLEASH Your Success Group Coaching Program today for success and fulfillment.


Immerse yourself in personalized 1:1 Spotlight Coaching sessions with Priyanka. Sign up for 1:1 coaching slots to get answers swiftly, gain clarity, and catapult towards your goals with precision. Even if you’re not in the Spotlight, you’ll still walk away with powerful insights you can immediately apply to your own situation.

$2997 value

1:1 Spotlight Coaching Sessions

Engage in dynamic weekly sessions, each tailored to your needs and focused on your goals. Explore a wealth of interactive content, diving into the heart of your aspirations and challenges. Each session aims to amplify your understanding and application of the UNLEASH framework.

  • Live Sessions are held Wednesdays: 12:00 - 1:00 PM Pacific Time. All sessions will be recorded and made available to you.

Live Interactive Weekly Group Sessions

$2997 value

Learn from people who have been there and gain insights from industry leaders and seasoned experts. Benefit from their experiences and empower yourself with answers to crucial topics that drive your success.

BONUS: Live Q&As

$2997 value

Direct support including live onboarding and co-working sessions and a dedicated community channel. Personalized guidance from executive leadership coach Priyanka, ensuring a seamless and impactful advancement.

Personalized Support and Guidance

$1997 value

Access a supportive network of like-minded peers, forming your personal board of advisors. Engage, learn, and evolve within a psychologically safe and positive space, maximizing your growth potential. Your wonderful community of peers is one of the great bonuses of this program.

Complimentary UNLEASH Community Membership

$1997 value

Exclusive Opportunity: Continue Your Journey

This is just the beginning. You can continue to stay in touch with Priyanka, your program peers, and make new connections with a vast network of professionals. Through the UNLEASH community membership program, you will continue to get access to all previous recordings, events, resources and more. You will also get discounts for 1:1 coaching services.

Gain exclusive access to the unique 7-Step UNLEASH Framework, crafted to kickstart your progress with practical lessons, adaptable templates, and in-depth assessments. Each step of this comprehensive framework is delivered weekly to ensure a robust jumpstart.

Exclusive 7-Step UNLEASH Framework

$ 7997 value

Elevated my leadership impact for better results!  

Through Priyanka’s empathetic coaching, I discovered my inherent tendencies that were hindering me which was a surprise and challenged my understanding of my personality and leadership traits. The mindset shift I experienced has helped me embrace ambiguity, elevate my leadership skills, and navigate challenges with clarity. I've become less anxious, more confident in my abilities, and better at managing the stressors of working in a high-impact team. To anyone considering coaching, I say that embracing vulnerability and discomfort is crucial for a true transformation!

Shreya Rawal

Tech Program Leader, Meta

Found clarity and momentum to break through!

I was struggling with self-doubt and lacked clarity in my work. I believed in the myth that for success, one has to persevere at all costs. Priyanka's empowering coaching style helped me realize that I am responsible for myself, and freedom is an opportunity to create. I've gained clarity on my values and how my leadership plays a significant role in my work life.
Without Priyanka, I would not have had the momentum and the confidence to power through the brick walls that were holding me back.

D. O.

Senior Manager, EV Tech

Doubled my total compensation!

With Priyanka’s methodical approach, I went from not passing any phone screens to getting 2 competing offers (including a FAANG company). 

Priyanka is detailed and provided actionable feedback. She guided me on proper techniques helped me create a compelling narrative. She is highly responsive and I appreciated her checking in with me regularly.  She helped me negotiate my offers and her insights were very useful in decision making with the multiple offers.

Rajesh. S

Technical Leader, Amazon

Real Results

How does the UNLEASH Your Success program work?

The UNLEASH Your Success is a hybrid program with a mix of live, recorded, and downloadable content. It’s completely self-paced, so you can easily make it fit into your schedule.

The live calls are held on Wednesdays at:

  • 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific Time

  • 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Eastern Time 

All sessions will be recorded and made available to you. 

Typical Monthly Schedule is:

  • First Wednesday: Co-Working/Onboarding Sessions

  • Second Wednesday: Group Coaching Sessions

  • Third Wednesday: Spotlight Coaching Sessions 

There may be bonus Q&A sessions held on the fourth Wednesday. (Dates may be adjusted for some months depending on holidays). 

All members have access to the UNLEASH program portal, where you'll find all session recordings and downloadable resources. 

Group coaching can be more affordable than individual 1:1 coaching, making it accessible to a wider range of individuals.


Group coaching is a great way to experience the benefits of coaching and determine if deep personalized 1:1 coaching is the right for you.

Coaching Insights

Group coaching brings together individuals from different backgrounds and experiences, which can provide valuable insights and perspectives.

Diverse Perspectives

Group coaching can focus on specific skills or areas of development, such as communication, leadership, or mindset shift.

Skill Development

Group coaching can provide opportunities for individuals to network with like-minded peers and expand their professional and personal networks.

Network Growth

Group coaching can provide a sense of belonging and social support, which can be especially important for individuals who may feel isolated or alone in their personal or professional lives.

Social Support

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

Group Coaching provides a supportive environment where individuals can learn from each other, share experiences, and receive feedback. This can help to increase motivation, accountability, and self-awareness, and can lead to greater personal growth and development.​

You want to define success on your own terms

You are ambitious and motivated to commit fully to your growth

You're ready to to be challenged and willing to let go

Yes, if...

You are looking for quick solutions or mentorship

You're not willing to get out of your comfort zone

You are not willing to put in the effort

Probably not, if...

Is this program right for me?

Add a Title

Meet Your Coach

Hello! My name is Priyanka Shinde and I am a certified executive leadership coach with 20+ years experience as a Tech Leader. 


I am passionate about empowering ambitious and emerging leaders to develop executive presence and a strategic mindset for unlimited success. My journey through the tech world, overcoming challenges similar to yours, has shaped my coaching philosophy. I have helped numerous clients leverage their strengths and amplify their voice to create lasting impact.


I have been in your shoes and understand the unique hurdles you face. I partner with you to provide clarity and direction to make you unstoppable. As your coach, I will push you to think outside the box, break the norms and challenge yourself to make the leap.

If you are ready to redefine success and unleash your full potential, then I am with you every step of the way! With me you will achieve your goals and get to your vision.

Priyanka Shinde, Tech Leadership Coach

Breakthrough In Just 30 Days.

My powerful framework is designed to ignite a transformation, and I am committed to your success. That's why I offer a unique 30-day guarantee. If you fully engage with the program—follow the steps and participate with total commitment—I guarantee you will experience a significant shift within the first 30 days. If you don't see results, I promise to provide additional, personalized support to help you achieve those breakthroughs.

Client Results Disclaimer

Please note that the results shared by our clients represent their personal experiences or those of exceptional clients. We're not suggesting you'll automatically replicate the same outcomes. Your results are contingent upon your individual hard work and commitment. The examples are meant to offer insight into what is achievable based on past results. Success requires substantial and consistent effort, dedication, and action. This program may not align with your expectations if you are looking for quick solutions or answers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Privacy Note

To maintain confidentiality and protect identities. some images associated with client names are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily represent their true appearances.

  • Coaching is often defined as partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

    A coach works with their clients to identify their objectives, develop a plan to reach those goals, and provide guidance and support throughout the process. The primary role of a coach is to ask powerful questions, actively listen, provide feedback, and encourage self-reflection and growth. The coach helps the client to identify obstacles, develop strategies to overcome them, and stay accountable to their commitments.

    Overall, coaching is a collaborative and supportive relationship that empowers individuals and groups to achieve their full potential and make meaningful progress towards their goals.

  • Group coaching and one-on-one coaching are two different approaches to coaching that offer distinct benefits and experiences for participants.

    Group coaching involves a small group of individuals with shared goals, offering collective wisdom, support, and a collaborative environment. Facilitated by a coach, it provides affordable guidance tailored to the group's needs and benefits those who value learning from others.


    On the other hand, one-on-one coaching is a personalized relationship between a coach and an individual. It offers tailored guidance, confidentiality, and flexible sessions to address specific goals and challenges. While it requires a higher investment, it provides focused attention and customized strategies.


    The choice between group and one-on-one coaching depends on individual preferences, goals, and budget, and some individuals may choose to combine both for added support and personalized guidance.

  • You can benefit from coaching for every aspect of your life. Typically, I offer career coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, professional development coaching, confidence coaching, performance coaching, mindset coaching and business coaching. In this program, you will get to experience a variety of coaching styles and focus depending on the topic most relevant to the group.

  • My clients typically invest between $5,000-$20,000 to work with me 1-1.

    Group coaching investment can vary dependent on the specific program, its duration and number of meetings. Participants can expect to spend 40-60% less than 1-1 coaching. 

  • This program runs on an evergreen basis which means who you can join anytime that is convenient to you. Book a call to learn more

  • I recommend blocking off 60-90 minutes on Wednesdays at noon PT for the live calls, and an additional hour or two each week to incorporate actions and insights into your professional or personal life.

    If you can’t attend the calls live, that’s okay – just schedule one hour a week to watch or listen to the replays!

  • All live calls are conducted on Wednesday at noon Pacific Time. You will receive a Zoom link to access the calls, which will be emailed to you and posted in the community.

  • Absolutely, this program is designed to help you find clarity and purpose. Through the UNLEASH framework and our calls, I will help you narrow down your priorities and establish most effective ways to gain clarity and move forward.

  • I hear you! I totally understand that you have a ton on your plate. This program is structured with busy people in mind. The UNLEASH framework steps are released weekly giving you enough time to complete the exercises. Weekly calls are recorded, so you can watch them at a time convenient to you. In addition, this program will also provide you with effective prioritization and time management strategies that with help you free up your busy schedule.

  • If this is your first investment in yourself, it can be scary for sure but to ensure it's the right one for you. I invite you to think of the possible return on investment. Are your dreams worth it? What s the cost of not taking action on your goals? What if you receive a raise, promotion or a contract following this program? That is a 100% ROI.

  • If whatever you have read so far has piqued your interest, then I invite you to book a call with me to learn more. I can help you decide if this is the best choice for you.

  • There are two payment options available for you to choose from. The first option is a one-time upfront payment when you enroll. Alternatively, you can opt for the three-payment plan, which involves spreading the total cost across three monthly payments.

    Please note: The program is not a recurring membership, but a group program. When you choose a payment plan, you commit to making all payments. There are no cancellations and no refunds.

    Please email if you need further assistance.

  • Yes, if finding a job is your goals, then this program has the tools and strategies that can help you provided you follow the program structure and take the action required. You will be in control of your results and as a coach, I will provide the support and guidance to maximize your potential.

  • I commit to showing up for you fully at every session and in the community. We are here for you every step of the way.

    There are several success stories - one client doubled their income while another was able to land a job at a FAANG company.

    That said, members get what they put in. If you bring your whole self, open mind and heart, and dedicate time each week to your personal and professional growth you will see results.

  • When you join the UNLEASH Your Success program, we are making a commitment to each other. We take that seriously. I am committed to creating an amazing experience for you, and you are committing to showing up fully and giving it your all. 

    Due to the nature of digital products and the value of the downloadable content you have access to when you join, there are no refunds.  If you select a payment plan for the program, you are expected to complete all payments.

    I want you to have all of the information you need to make a decision about whether this program is right for you. If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, please reach out at before you join.

  • Please email your questions to We will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

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