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Harness the power of purposeful growth with meticulously crafted templates and excel through intentional career planning.

With these templates at your fingertips, you can:

  • Take charge of your career and accelerate on your goals

  • Break free from current level and secure desired promotion

  • Achieve excellence through strategic execution

  • Become an influential thought leader

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition


Manage your career like you would manage a program or product. Create a career roadmap and fulfill your dreams with this toolkit specifically designed for you. 

Get the Career Development Toolkit today and reach new career heights!

TPM Career Development Toolkit
to Accelerate Your Growth

TPM Promotion template to make a compelling case for getting promoted

TPM IC Leveling Guidelines to assess performance at the current level and readiness for next level

TPM Excellence Planner to identify the right programs that get you to the next level

Thought Leadership Cheat Sheet to become an influential and sought-after TPM

What's Inside

CTA Section.png

Get Your Toolkit

  • 47$
    $1500 Value
    • 4 TPM Career Development Templates
    • BONUS: Career Vision Template
    • BONUS: Career Moat Template
    • Includes: Career Management Toolkit ($500 Value)
    • *FREE with Advancing Your Career: Path to Staff+ Course
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