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Say goodbye to trial-and-error and hello to efficiency and excellence. A comprehensive toolkit for TPM Managers and TPM Leaders that will not only help in building strong teams, but also enable the leaders to enhance their own leadership skills.

With over 15 templates and exclusive TPM Competency Toolkit at your fingertips, you can:

  • Get a better understand of your stakeholder and organizational needs

  • Hire, promote and retain the best talent

  • Support your new managers and build leadership skills

  • Increase team engagement and performance

  • Provide clarity on career development and growth opportunities


Deliver outstanding results from day one as your teams focus on driving towards strategic business goals. 

Get the TPM Leader's Toolkit today and focus on what you do best - leading TPM teams.

TPM Leader's Toolkit that Delivers Results

TPM Competency Toolkit: Understand the strengths and gaps of your TPM team or organization with this exclusive toolkit that includes a 37-page guide, one-page and worksheet.

Manager Leveling Guidelines: Understand expectations in leadership roles and rise up the management ladder. Manager Goals and Self Review templates are also included.

Leadership Assessment: Understand key leadership skills and values required to elevate your position from a manager to an influential leader.

Mission/Vision Setting Guide: Increase team engagement and motivation to build high performing teams.

Get the TPM Leader's Toolkit today and focus on what you do best - leading TPM teams.

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Get Your Toolkit

  • 97$
    $2000 Value
    • 10+ Templates for TPM Leaders and Managers
    • BONUS: Templates for Your TPM Team
    • EXCLUSIVE: TPM Competency Toolkit
    • Includes: TPM Manager's Toolkit
    • *FREE with Mastering TPM Management Course
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