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With Priyanka Shinde, Your Keynote Speaker for Tech Leadership Insights​


With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Priyanka Shinde understands the challenges brought on by the complexities and uncertainties of today's fast-paced workplace. Priyanka is passionate about sharing her knowledge, insights, and learnings with peers in the industry to help them thrive and succeed.


With a strong background in developing high-tech products and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape, Priyanka brings a unique perspective to her speaking engagements and her engaging and action-oriented speaking style

  • Fosters innovation, enhances team effectiveness, and drives strategic business outcomes.

  • Empowers the audience to elevate their leadership capabilities.

  • Enables attendees to walk away with tangible strategies they can implement immediately.

Unlock the Power of Leadership 

Speaking Topics Designed to Drive Results

Leadership Lessons from Improv: Techniques for Building Effective Teams and Communication.

The Balancing Act: Leveraging Your Strengths and Values to Create a Fulfilling Work Life.

Innovation and the Future of Technology: Autonomous Systems, ARVR, AI/ML, Advertising Tech, Education Tech and Beyond.

The Hardcore Soft Skills Required for Successful Leadership in the Modern Workplace.

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness for Leaders: Key Elements for Successful Leadership.

Achieve Excellence as a Technical Program Manager: Strategies for Leveling Up

The Art of Execution: Successfully Leading Complex High Tech Programs

Influencing Without Authority: Leading and Motivating Technical Teams

Building Resilience and Coping Strategies in High-Stress Work Environments

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion to Build High-Performing Teams

Leading with Purpose: Aligning Values and Vision to Drive Impact and Change.

Leading with Empathy: Developing EQ

Personal Branding for Tech Leaders: Strategies for Building and Maintaining a Strong Reputation.

Achieving Excellence as a Technical Program Manager - Mastercard

Achieving Meaningful Impact as a Technical Program Manager - Citi TPMCon

The State of VR, AR and MR - IIT Madras HTIC Medtech Incubator

Speaking Events

Passionate and Empathetic Leadership Coach

Priyanka has been in the Tech industry for 20+ years as an engineering, product and program management leader. She has a strong track record of leading technical organizations to launch cutting edge products and deliver strategic business outcomes while developing a culture of connection, authenticity and empathy.

Experienced Leader Who Has Worked at Big Tech Like Meta, Cruise and Startups

Why Priyanka Shinde?

  • Focused on helping leaders leverage their strengths and amplify their voice

  • Thought leader with experience across multiple industries and domains in the tech industry

  • Specialized in optimizing product, process, and people strategies.

Stan Ponder,

Principal TPM @ Mastercard

Priyanka Shinde presented to our global Program Management Guild. Her presentation, “Achieving Meaningful Impact as a TPM” was highly anticipated from our members, and Priyanka did not disappoint. She used her vast experiences in the TPM realm to explain the superpowers needed to be a successful TPM – and what she looked for when building teams in her career. The session was extremely well-received by our members – when asking what was most impactful, members stated “her content regarding thought leadership and leading without authority” and the key takeaways made it a very impactful session. Our members rated it one of the highest sessions we’ve had all year. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise, Priyanka!

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Pricing varies depending on your needs and logistics involved. Please contact me so we can discuss the goals for your audience and create a package that is tailored to your needs.

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