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With two decades leading teams in Silicon Valley's fast-paced tech environments, I combine deep knowledge with strategic insight to guide your team to exceptional growth and innovation.

Your organization can benefit from our specialized training programs if:

  • Adapting to technological advancements without disruptions is an ongoing struggle

  • Bridging the skill gap on your team to meet the demands of emerging technologies has been challenging

  • Aligning team towards common goals in remote or hybrid work environment is increasingly difficult

Professional Development Training for Forward-Thinking Organizations

Accelerate growth and innovation with our expert-led workshops and programs

Achieve Breakthroughs

Boost Operational Efficiency

Increase Productivity

City Bank

Trusted by Clients from Large Companies and Startups


Experiential learning in small groups

Sessions are interactive and engaging so participants maximize their understanding of the topic. Small group discussion help participants reflect so they can own the topic and recognize its effect on them leading to lasting behavior change.

Common workshop topics include: 

  • Master Strategic Execution to Drive Exceptional Business Outcomes

  • Empower Engineering Managers with Agile Success Frameworks

  • Setting team mission, vision, and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

  • Interpersonal dynamics for technical teams

  • Managing Up

  • Mastering management for new managers

Actionable strategies for immediate impact: Participants are provided with tips and strategies they can immediately implement to see better results. Participants focus on the key actions via exercises they will take to spark change and improvement

Access to strategic tools for peak performance: Leverage a rich repository of templates and frameworks designed to elevate your team's performance and overall effectiveness.

Customized learning paths to accelerate team success: We begin with understanding your unique team dynamics, challenges, and aspirations to accelerate your team’s learning, foster collaboration and maximize performance.

Optional individual or team coaching sessions: We provide opportunities to dive deeper into specific topics with team coaching and personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to address individual team members' specific challenges.

Full support and flexibility for your schedule: We offer the flexibility to tailor each session to your team’s specific requirements while providing structured preparation materials.

At the heart of every high-performing organization are teams empowered by continuous learning, strategic insight, and adaptive skill sets. Our professional development training programs are designed to elevate your team's performance through strategic execution and leadership skills. 

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Training Workshops with Priyanka


Customized Content

Up to 10

Tools and Resources


Virtual or In-Person

Add 1:1

Interactive Sessions

Priyanka's workshops were a game-changer for us.

Her 'Agile Leadership' program helped us navigate the challenges of rapid growth while maintaining team alignment and motivation. The skills and insights we gained, especially on fostering a culture of resilience and adaptability, have been pivotal in driving our growth. She's not just a coach; she's been our growth partner, transforming our vision into actionable strategies.


Startup Founder and CEO

Who Can Benefit From Training Workshops

Technical Teams

Supercharge innovation and cohesion within your team.

For those deeply involved in tackling intricate problems and pushing the envelope of technology, our training workshops offer critical insights and strategies. Synergize diverse talents and viewpoints, morphing individual expertise into a powerhouse of creativity and productivity that sets new benchmarks in the tech industry.

Startup Teams

Embark on the startup voyage with strategic foresight and dynamism.

Startups grappling with rapid expansion and shifting hurdles will find our leadership workshops invaluable for fostering sustainable growth and solid team unity. Develop a backbone of resilience, flexibility, and a unified mission, empowering your team to not only withstand but excel in the competitive startup landscape.

Cross-Functional Program Teams

Harmonize varied skills for unmatched program triumph.

Cross-functional teams, charged with blending distinct knowledge areas and skill sets towards a shared objective, will significantly benefit from our workshops. Bolster cooperation, fine-tune communication, and synchronize goals among all contributors, propelling your program with enhanced clarity, unity, and forward-thinking solutions.


Partner with Priyanka for Customized Training

With over 20 years of executive leadership experience in the fast-paced Silicon Valley tech scene, I specialize in designing and facilitating training workshops that unlock a team's full potential.

Leveraging insights from the pre-workshop assessment, we facilitate engaging and content-rich training workshops. These sessions are meticulously designed to address the identified needs and objectives, creating an environment where every team member's potential is recognized and nurtured. Through interactive learning, practical exercises, and focused discussions, your team will acquire valuable skills and insights, benefiting from tailored guidance, actionable feedback, and the tools necessary for immediate and impactful application.

Empowering teams through customized learning

Conduct targeted training workshops

Before the workshops, we conduct one or more pre-workshop assessments. This essential step helps us uncover your team's strengths, areas for improvement, and long-term objectives. We may incorporate targeted assessments to better understand your team's dynamics and prepare effectively for the workshop. This preparation ensures that the training sessions are precisely aligned with your team's needs and the desired outcomes are clearly defined.

Complete pre-work assessments

Laying the groundwork

Our partnership extends beyond the workshop series. Committed to your team's continuous improvement, we offer ongoing support to help maintain and build upon your initial successes. As new challenges arise or your team's needs evolve, we remain a dedicated resource, ready to assist in further training or advice. This enduring support underscores our commitment to a lasting relationship, aimed at ensuring your team's sustained excellence and growth.

Sustain and build upon achievements

Continued support for ongoing development

Success in training workshops is measured by the ability to apply new strategies effectively. We encourage active participation and a commitment to integrating these new approaches into daily work. Regular reflection and application of workshop strategies are crucial for seeing real improvements in teamwork, efficiency, and overall team climate. Visible progress can often be observed shortly after the workshops, showcasing the immediate impact of our joint efforts.

Implement strategies for immediate and lasting impact

Fostering commitment to growth

We recommend starting with a consultation call to discuss your team's specific goals, challenges, and the dynamics that might influence the training outcome. This initial conversation allows us to recommend workshops that best fit your needs, fostering a mutual understanding and a strategic partnership right from the start. If our goals align, we'll proceed to design a workshop plan that resonates with your team's aspirations.

Initiate a training workshop consultation

Understanding your unique needs

Our project delivery times improved by 30%

The depth of technical and leadership expertise Priyanka brings to her workshops is unparalleled. She addressed our specific challenges via her 'Enhancing Team Performance,' workshop. Since our sessions, our team's performance has soared, and our collaboration has never been smoother. Priyanka's insights into leveraging diverse tech talents for innovation have truly propelled us forward.


Senior Engineering Manager, Tech

Priyanka's impact on our organization is immeasurable.

After attending Priyanka's workshops, I've noticed a significant transformation in our leadership team. Her session on 'Strategic Leadership in High-Stakes Environments' revitalized our approach to decision-making and crisis management. We've become more cohesive, strategic, and innovative. Implementing her techniques on adaptive leadership and empathetic communication has been a game-changer.


Startup Leader

Real Success Stories

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Meet Priyanka - Your Workshop Facilitator

Hello! My name is Priyanka Shinde, and I bring over 20 years of experience as a seasoned Silicon Valley Tech Leader, now dedicated to facilitating impactful training workshops.

Throughout my career, I've led highly technical engineering, product, and program teams to launch cutting-edge products at companies like Meta and startups such as Cruise. My journey has given me deep insights into the challenges of developing and steering teams in a dynamic tech environment. I'm passionate about leveraging this experience to help professionals and teams excel through focused training workshops that emphasize connection, authenticity, and empathy—key pillars in achieving both individual excellence and team success.

My workshops are crafted from a comprehensive perspective, combining insights from my executive leadership coaching with practical, hands-on experience. This approach ensures that participants not only grasp the strategic aspects of their roles but also the crucial interpersonal skills needed to lead effectively. My goal is to enhance your team's capabilities, streamline communication, and cultivate an environment ripe for innovation and collaboration.

If you're looking to elevate your team's performance and fast-track your journey to achieving your organizational vision, I'm here to facilitate that transformation. Join me, and let's unlock your team's full potential together.

Priyanka Shinde, CPCC, MBA, MS

Priyanka Shinde, Tech Leadership Coach

Why Partner with Priyanka for Your Training Workshops?

  • 20+ Years of Silicon Valley Expertise: Applying real-world tech leadership insights to enhance workshop impact.

  • Dynamic Workshop Facilitation: Combining strategic foresight with a focus on nurturing connection and empathy among teams.

  • Track Record of Excellence: Proven success in evolving teams at top tech companies and innovative startups through targeted training initiatives.

How Training Workshops Can Benefit You?

Broaden your team's skill set, incorporating the latest industry trends, technologies, and methodologies. Remain agile and deliver exceptional results in an ever-evolving landscape.

Increase Teams’ Skills

Foster a sense of unity, recognition, and investment in personal and collective growth. Create a committed workforce, ready to tackle challenges with a proactive mindset.

Increase Team Morale

Nurture potential leaders within your organization and equip them with must-have tools and  critical skills to take on leadership roles confidently and effectively.

Develop Future Leaders

Investing in up-skilling signals to your team that you value their growth and career progression, a key factor in talent retention. Reduce turnover, and build a strong, enduring workforce.

Reduce Turnover

Address gaps in knowledge and skills, enhance communication, and foster collaboration, so teams can significantly improve their overall performance and productivity.

Improve Team Performance

Attract ambitious professionals looking for organizations that invest in their employees' growth. Position your company as a desirable workplace for top talent in your industry.

Attract Top Talent

Companies allocating $1,500 or more per employee per year for training consistently achieve a remarkable 24% higher profit margin.

Get Started Today

Book your strategy call now. In this 45 minute call, we'll discuss your team's challenges and outline strategies that perfectly align with your goals. Start your team’s journey towards excellence and success.

  • Participants can expect enhanced leadership skills, improved operational efficiency, increased productivity, and a stronger alignment of team goals with organizational objectives.

  • We start with a consultation call to understand your team's unique dynamics, challenges, and goals, followed by a pre-workshop assessment to tailor the content and approach specifically to your needs.

  • Workshops vary in length but are typically half-day to two-day events, combining interactive lectures, group discussions, and hands-on activities for immediate application of learned concepts.

  • Yes, workshops can be delivered virtually, using interactive tools, breakout rooms, and real-time feedback to ensure high engagement and participation.

  • You can schedule a call through our website. The consultation will cover your team's challenges, goals, and how our workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Workshops are designed for team members at all levels, from new managers to senior leaders, and are customized to suit the specific audience's experience and roles.

  • We offer ongoing support, including follow-up sessions, coaching calls, and access to additional resources to ensure the continued application of workshop strategies.

  • The pre-workshop assessment helps identify specific team strengths, areas for improvement, and objectives, allowing for a more focused and effective training experience.

  • Topics like strategic execution, agile frameworks, and leadership development are popular due to their direct impact on organizational performance and team dynamics.

  • We measure success through participant feedback, assessments of skill application in the workplace, and observing measurable improvements in team performance and productivity.

  • Yes, we offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to address individual challenges and support personal growth.

  • Group sizes are kept small to ensure interactive and personalized learning experiences. The exact number can vary but is typically designed to optimize engagement and effectiveness.

  • Our workshops combine insights from over two decades of leadership in Silicon Valley with practical, hands-on exercises designed to address the specific needs and goals of your team.

  • While immediate improvements can be seen, we recommend periodic workshops tailored to evolving team needs for sustained development and growth.

  • Past participants have reported significant improvements in leadership effectiveness, team collaboration, strategic planning capabilities, and overall organizational performance.

What is a TPM?

A Technical Program Manager (TPM) is a special type of program management role often found in the tech industry.

General FAQs

Client Results Disclaimer

Please note that the results shared by our clients represent their personal experiences or those of exceptional clients. We're not suggesting you'll automatically replicate the same outcomes. Your results are contingent upon your individual hard work and commitment. The examples are meant to offer insight into what is achievable based on past results. Success requires substantial and consistent effort, dedication, and action. This program may not align with your expectations if you are looking for quick solutions or answers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Privacy Note

To maintain confidentiality and protect identities. some images associated with client names are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily represent their true appearances.

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