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Tap into my extensive experience leading highly technical teams to launch cutting-edge products like Autonomous Vehicles, AI Smart Assistants and Language Models, in some of the most competitive tech environments. From startups to established enterprises, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of impactful technical leadership that drives tangible results.

With over two decades of leadership in Silicon Valley, I specialize in transforming complex challenges into scalable solutions and market successes. Whether you're refining your strategic direction or enhancing your operational capabilities, my fractional and consulting services are designed to elevate your organization.

Fractional and Consulting Services to Lead Your Organization to Success

Fractional COO/VP, Consultant, Strategic Execution Advisor

Streamline Product Delivery

Boost Operational Efficiency

Increase Team Productivity

City Bank

Trusted by Clients from Large Companies and Startups


Exclusive access to tools and frameworks developed over the years to achieve peak performance.

Flexibility in engagement to align with your strategic roadmap and dynamic priorities, and ensure timely delivery of objectives.

Customized plans and systems designed specifically for your unique goals, needs and challenges.

Actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately for rapid impact to accelerate your team's goals.

I specialize in optimizing product, process and people to foster exceptional growth and innovation in your organization. With a solid foundation in technical excellence and strategic execution, I guide teams through transformative changes that yield significant business advancements.

Build world-class products, teams and companies with my strategic expertise and personalized support.

Working with Priyanka


  • Product Development Lifecycle Management: Streamline your product development processes from conception to launch.

  • OKR Planning & Setup: Establish and track Objectives and Key Results to keep your team aligned and focused.

  • Prioritization & Scope Enhancements: Optimize resources and timelines for maximum efficiency and product quality.

  • Digital Transformation: Accelerate your digital capabilities with strategic initiatives that integrate the latest technologies, enhancing operational agility and customer engagement.


  • Maximize Operational Efficiency: Refine operations to reduce costs and increase output without compromising quality.

  • Implement Agile Tools & Frameworks: Adapt and thrive in fast-paced environments using agile methodologies that fit your team dynamics.

  • Incorporate Key Performance Metrics: Measure what matters with customized metrics that directly reflect your strategic priorities.


  • Organizational Design & Development: Build a robust organizational structure that supports your strategic objectives while ensuring seamless collaboration across teams.

  • Mission & Vision Development: Craft a compelling mission and vision that reflects your company culture and inspires your team.

  • Talent & Performance Management: Enhance team performance through targeted development plans and rigorous performance tracking.

How Priyanka Can Help


Starting Package Rate

5 to 13

Month Packages


Sessions Per Month

120 Mins

Discovery Session Included

Priyanka’s leadership and services would be an asset for any product or program team.

I have had the pleasure of working with Priyanka during a period of significant growth. She started as part of a nascent Product team, and helped to put in place processes and programs to support a world-class engineering team. She proactively led company wide adoption of practices and tools that play a very important role in our ability to collaborate, and scale our operations. She has a ‘can do’ attitude, and ability to juggle numerous shifting priorities of a fast-paced environment.


Chief Product Officer, Global SaaS Company

Who Can Benefit from Priyanka's Expertise

Established Companies

Drive continuous innovation and efficiency.

For leaders in established companies looking to maintain a competitive edge, my consulting and fractional leadership services offer strategic insights and operational excellence. Tailored to enhance your core processes, these services help streamline operations, foster innovative thinking, and boost overall productivity. Elevate your company to new heights by leveraging experience that bridges the gap between traditional success and future opportunities.

Growth Startups

Navigate your growth trajectory with strategic precision and adaptability.

For startups experiencing rapid growth and unique challenges, my services provide dynamic strategic solutions and critical support necessary to navigate these exciting yet turbulent times. From establishing scalable systems to refining your strategic approach, I help you solidify your startup’s position in the market and prepare it for future expansions. Embrace the opportunity to transform your entrepreneurial energy into structured, sustainable success.

Technology Leaders

Harness cutting-edge technology and leadership strategies to drive your teams and projects to the forefront of the industry.

For technology leaders engaged in managing complex projects and innovation, my services are designed to optimize your technological initiatives, enhance team collaboration, and align technological advancements with overarching business goals. Foster innovative problem-solving, achieve breakthrough innovations, and robust growth.


Getting Started with Priyanka

With over 20 years of executive leadership experience in the fast-paced Silicon Valley tech scene, I understand the complexities of building and leading product development teams in a fast-paced tech environment.

With a clear plan in place, we’ll implement strategies that have both immediate and long-lasting impacts on your organization. These strategies are designed to foster growth, spur innovation, and achieve your specific business objectives.

Driving effective change

Implement strategies for immediate and lasting impact

Together, we will finalize the engagement model that best suits your goals, whether it's a short-term project or ongoing support. This step involves designing our alliance to ensure it sets the path for optimal results.

Decide engagement model

Designing our partnership

The journey doesn’t end with initial success. I provide ongoing support and insights to help your team sustain improvements and continue to build on them, ensuring long-term success and adaptation in an ever-evolving market.

Sustain and build upon achievements

Ensuring continuous improvement

Kick off your journey with a personal consultation to discuss your specific challenges and objectives. This initial conversation is crucial for crafting a strategy that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Initiate a consultation call

Creating tailored solutions

Priyanka stands out as one of the very best.
Priyanka is incredibly detailed in her evaluation of systems and goes above and beyond to look for data points. She leads with openness and care, and works hard to remove any bias that may come up. This resulted in us beating our hiring and performance goals.


Recruiting Leader, Startup

Priyanka brings a sharp, laser-like focus to any role she plays within an organization.

Priyanka has ability to navigate through multiple systems, understand the business complexities, and deliver usable results is extremely valuable. Her mix of knowledge, common sense and business acumen was highly respected.


SVP Data Solutions, Tech Startup

Real Success Stories

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Meet Priyanka - Your Fractional Leader

Hello! My name is Priyanka Shinde, and I bring over 20 years of Tech leadership expertise to consulting and fractional leadership roles. My mission is to drive success through strategic innovation and operational excellence.

Throughout my career, I have spearheaded diverse, highly technical engineering, product, and program teams to launch cutting-edge products for leading companies like Meta and innovative startups such as Cruise. This extensive background has equipped me with deep insights into the challenges of managing innovation in a dynamic, high-stakes tech environments. I am dedicated to leveraging this deep-seated knowledge to help your company enhance its operational agility and market presence.

I blend high-level strategic oversight with practical, actionable insights. This dual approach ensures that your leadership and teams are equipped with the interpersonal and technical skills necessary to execute effectively. My objective is to fortify your organization's capabilities, improve communication flows, and foster a culture of innovation and effective collaboration.

If you're aiming to amplify your organization's performance and expedite your path to realizing your strategic goals, I am here to lead that charge. Let’s partner to transform your vision into reality and achieve new heights of success together.

Priyanka Shinde, CPCC, MBA, MS

Priyanka Shinde, Tech Leadership Coach

Why Partner with Priyanka for Your Training Workshops?

  • 20+ Years of Silicon Valley Expertise: Extensive real-world experience to enhance the impact of your business strategies.

  • Adaptive Strategy Implementation: Blend of strategic execution with operational acuity to meet your unique business needs.

  • Proven Leadership and Results: Demonstrated success in driving growth and innovation at top tech firms and fast-paced startups.

Connect with Priyanka on LinkedIn

Find the Level That Works For Your Business Strategy

20-80 hours per month

By Retainer (Fractional)

Please contact to discuss

Hourly or Project (Consulting)

Fractional leadership involves a part-time executive who provides strategic leadership to your company without the commitment or cost of a full-time hire. They are fully embedded within the team and the only difference between a fractional and their full-time counterpart, is that they are part-time.

What is Fractional Leadership?

  • Fractional leadership involves a part-time executive who provides strategic leadership to your company without the commitment or cost of a full-time hire.

  • Fractional is not the same as consulting. A fractional leader usually works part-time for an organization and represents the company. A consultant usually has a fixed end date based on project or time, and is external to the company. They are not embedded within the team though they will work closely with the company's representatives.

  • I offer fractional COO, tech program leadership, and strategic advisory services, focusing on optimizing product development, enhancing operational efficiency, and leading strategic initiatives.

  • My services are ideal for established companies, growth startups, and technology leaders looking to streamline operations, drive innovation, and enhance team performance.

  • The initial consultation call is an opportunity to discuss your specific needs and challenges. It helps me understand your objectives and how I can best support your goals.

  • Engagements can vary based on your needs but generally include an assessment phase, strategic planning, implementation of strategies, and ongoing support to sustain and build upon achievements.

  • I customize my approach based on a thorough understanding of your company’s current operations, culture, and strategic goals, ensuring that the solutions are perfectly aligned with your needs.

  • With over 20 years in Silicon Valley, I have led teams at both large tech corporations and startups, launching innovative products and driving substantial growth.

  • Impact is measured using key performance indicators (KPIs) agreed upon at the start of the engagement, focusing on areas like operational efficiency, product development timelines, and team productivity.

  • Yes, I have numerous case studies and testimonials from past clients that demonstrate the significant improvements and successes that my services have helped achieve.

  • My approach combines deep technical expertise with strategic foresight and a focus on building cohesive teams that are equipped to handle the complexities of today’s fast-paced business environment.

  • I offer both retainer-based and project-based engagement models, providing flexibility to meet diverse client needs and schedules.

  • I utilize a variety of cutting-edge tools and frameworks that are tailored to each client’s specific context, including agile methodologies, OKR planning, and custom performance metrics systems.

  • The contract process involves discussing and finalizing the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and terms of engagement to ensure clarity and mutual agreement before commencing work.

  • I adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and employ secure methods for data handling and communications to protect client information.

  • Your team's involvement can vary, but typically includes collaboration in the assessment phase, participation in strategic planning sessions, and engagement during the implementation of strategies.

  • You can start by booking a consultation call through the website, where we can discuss your needs in detail and determine the best way forward.

  • My rates vary depending on the scope and length of the engagement. Specific pricing can be discussed during our initial consultation call.

  • Engagements can range from a few months for specific projects to ongoing support for more comprehensive strategic initiatives.

  • Yes, I offer ongoing support and advisory services to ensure that strategies are effectively implemented and to assist with any future adjustments.

  • You can contact me directly through the contact form on the website, via email, or by scheduling a consultation call.

What is a TPM?

A Technical Program Manager (TPM) is a special type of program management role often found in the tech industry.

General FAQs

Client Results Disclaimer

Please note that the results shared by our clients represent their personal experiences or those of exceptional clients. We're not suggesting you'll automatically replicate the same outcomes. Your results are contingent upon your individual hard work and commitment. The examples are meant to offer insight into what is achievable based on past results. Success requires substantial and consistent effort, dedication, and action. This program may not align with your expectations if you are looking for quick solutions or answers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Privacy Note

To maintain confidentiality and protect identities. some images associated with client names are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily represent their true appearances.

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