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With over two decades of leadership and coaching experience in Silicon Valley's fast-paced environment, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and empathetic leadership to empower your team towards unparalleled success.

Your organization can benefit from team coaching if:

  • Deadlines are being missed, impacting business outcomes

  • Team motivation, engagement and productivity are declining

  • Team communication and collaboration needs strengthening

Team Coaching to Unleash the Power of Your People

Elevate team performance and build successful organizations

Improve Team Dynamics

Foster Trust & Collaboration

Inspire Your Team


Diverse topics for holistic development

Chose from a wide array of curated topics or choose topics that aligns with your team's needs.

  • Self-leadership and advocacy

  • Decision making and adapting to change

  • Emotional Intelligence and Mindset

  • Executive presence and communication

  • Interpersonal dynamics

Deep-dive workshops and personalized sessions: 

We provide additional workshops to dive deeper into strategic topics essential for team development, while optional one-on-one sessions address individual team members' specific challenges.

Flexibility for your agenda with full support: We offer the flexibility to tailor each session to your team’s specific requirements while providing structured preparation materials and extended support between sessions.

Strategic tools and frameworks at your fingertips: Leverage a rich repository of proven strategies and resources designed to elevate your team's performance and overall effectiveness. We provide access to assessments such as strength finder assessments, communication and behavioral profiles, and more.

Tailored coaching solutions for team excellence: We begin with understanding your unique team dynamics, challenges, and aspirations. From enhancing self-leadership and executive influence to fostering a resilient mindset and improving interpersonal dynamics, our objective is to transform your team into a cohesive unit capable of navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape.

Structured accountability for sustained success: Commitment to your team's goals is reinforced through a robust accountability framework. Studies show a 95% increase in the likelihood of achieving goals when an accountability partner is involved.

Proactive follow-up support for long-term success: After the conclusion of the coaching program, we schedule follow-up sessions to review progress, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for further development.

Fostering meaningful connections and building support systems: Our sessions are designed to enhance feelings of connection and belonging within the team. We place a strong emphasis on community building so your team can benefit from shared experiences, diverse perspectives, and collective wisdom.

True team success is built on the pillars of mutual respect, shared goals, and purposeful collaboration. I guide teams to transcend individual limitations, creating a cohesive unit that thrives on challenges and celebrates successes together.

Empowered teams lead to transformative organizational outcomes!

Team Coaching with Priyanka


Month Programs

Up to 10

Participants Per Group


Virtual or In-Person

Add 1:1

Sessions (Optional)

No more delayed projects and budget overruns!

When our tech team first engaged with Priyanka for team coaching, we were struggling with siloed efforts and communication breakdowns. Priyanka’s approach was a game-changer for us. Through her customized plan and the insightful discovery process, she helped us bridge gaps and foster a culture of open dialogue and collaboration. Our team is now more unified, innovative, and efficient than ever before. We’ve seen a significant uplift in our project outcomes and team satisfaction. Priyanka’s coaching was the catalyst we needed to transform our technical team into a cohesive powerhouse.


SVP Engineering, Software Company

Who Can Benefit From Team Coaching

Executive Leadership Teams

Elevate your executive team's strategic alignment and leadership synergy.

Executive teams, at the helm of steering organizational direction and culture, stand to gain significantly from specialized team coaching. Transform your leadership group's collective capabilities into a strategic asset that drives organizational success, fosters a culture of innovation, and navigates the complexities of the market with agility and foresight.

Startup Teams

Navigate the startup journey with confidence and agility.

For startup teams facing the whirlwind of rapid growth and evolving challenges, executive team coaching is the beacon guiding you towards sustainable development and cohesive team dynamics.

Cultivate a culture of resilience, adaptability, and shared vision, ensuring your team not only survives but thrives in the competitive startup ecosystem.

Technical & Cross-Functional Teams

Elevate innovation and collaboration across the board.

Whether your team is diving deep into technical challenges or bridging diverse expertise in a cross-functional setup, leadership coaching is your catalyst for success. This approach harmonizes diverse skills and perspectives, transforming your collective capabilities into a unified force of creativity, efficiency, and innovation.


Partner with Priyanka as Your Team Leadership Coach

I bring 20+ years of real-world executive leadership experience and coaching expertise to every session with you. I help teams unlock their collective potential, ensuring they are greater than the sum of their parts.

With insights gathered from our discovery workshop, we will engage in regular team coaching sessions. These sessions are crafted to address the goals and challenges identified, fostering a collaborative environment where each member's potential is unlocked and harnessed towards achieving collective success. Through these interactions, your team will gain valuable insights and practical tools, benefitting from personalized guidance, support, and constructive feedback to ensure accountability and steady progress toward your objectives.

Unlocking collective potential

Start coaching sessions with the team

Before diving into the team coaching sessions, we will conduct a comprehensive team discovery workshop. This critical phase is designed to dive into the collective strengths, areas for improvement, and overarching goals of your team. We will also ask team members to complete one or more assessments during this phases so we can analyze the results and incorporate them into our coaching plan. We'll map out the desired transformation and establish clear success indicators for our collaboration.

Engage in a team discovery workshop

Creating a blueprint for transformation

Our relationship doesn't end with the conclusion of the formal coaching program. We are committed to your team's long-term success and offer continued support to ensure the sustainability of your achievements. As your team evolves and faces new challenges, We are here to celebrate your milestones and provide guidance. Our journey together is about building a lasting partnership, rooted in the belief that your team's ongoing success is a testament to our collaborative efforts and commitment.

Achieve sustained success together

A partnership rooted in continuous support

Effective team coaching requires active participation and a commitment to applying learned strategies. We encourage your team to bring their full selves to each session, embracing an open mindset and a willingness to engage deeply in their growth journey. By dedicating time regularly to reflect on and implement these strategies, your team will begin to see tangible improvements in collaboration, productivity, and morale, often within just days of our initial sessions.

Implement actionable strategies for immediate impact

Commitment to engagement and growth

The foundation of successful team coaching lies in trust, synergy, and understanding among all team members and the coach. To begin, we recommend setting up a strategy call. This call is an opportunity for us to discuss your team's goals, challenges, and dynamics to see if our coaching approach aligns with your needs. It's a chance for both of us to establish a connection and understand how we can work together to enhance your team performance improvement. If we find that we're a good match, we'll proceed with outlining the coaching agreement and objectives.

Initiate a team coaching strategy call

Building trust and synergy

We are now on a clear path to success, feeling more connected and driven than ever. 

Starting a business is challenging, and keeping a team aligned, motivated, and productive is even harder. Priyanka’s executive team coaching was instrumental in navigating these challenges. Her ability to understand our startup's dynamics and tailor her sessions to our specific needs was remarkable. She not only helped us clarify our vision and goals but also equipped us with the tools to communicate effectively and work towards common objectives. Our team has grown stronger, more resilient, and more focused, thanks to Priyanka.


Founder - Tech Startup

We beat our revenue targets which had never happened before!

Our product team was facing leadership and engagement challenges that were impacting our performance. Priyanka’s team coaching program transformed our work environment. Her assessments and analysis was eye-opening, allowing us to realign our goals and strategies. Her coaching sessions were not just meetings but a space for real growth and learning. We’ve seen remarkable improvements in our leadership dynamics, team engagement, and overall productivity. Priyanka’s commitment to our success went beyond the coaching sessions, providing us with a solid foundation to continue building on.


Product Director - Media Company

Real Success Stories

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Meet Priyanka: Your Executive Coach

Hello! My name is Priyanka Shinde and I am a certified executive leadership coach with 20+ years experience as a seasoned Silicon Valley Tech Leader.

I have had the privilege of leading highly technical engineering, product and program teams launch cutting edge products at renowned companies like Meta and startups like Cruise. I understand the complexities of building and leading teams in a fast-paced tech environment. I am passionate about empowering leaders accelerate success while creating a culture of connection, authenticity, and empathy, driving both individual and collective success.

I take a holistic approach to executive team coaching, recognizing that success is not just about the business strategy but also about the people behind it. I help you align your team's goals, enhance communication, and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation.

If you are ready to redefine success and lead your organization to new heights, then I am with you every step of the way! With me you will achieve your goals and get to your vision faster.

Priyanka Shinde, CPCC, MBA, MS

Priyanka Shinde, Tech Leadership Coach

Why Choose Priyanka?

  • 20+ Years of Silicon Valley Leadership: Bringing real-world tech leadership experience to every session.

  • Holistic Approach: Beyond strategy, focusing on building a culture of connection and empathy.

  • Proven Success: A track record of transforming teams within leading tech companies and startups.

Transform Your Team Today

Book your exploration call now. In just 45 minutes, we'll explore your team's challenges and outline strategies that perfectly align with your goals. Start your team’s journey towards excellence and success.

How Team Coaching Can Benefit Your Organization?

Equip your team with the skills to adapt and thrive amidst change. Manage  shifting dynamics to build a resilient and strong organization. 

Adaptive Resilience

Develop a mission, vision, and strategy that resonate deeply with the entire team. Facilitate a collaborative process to define a aligned path forward. 

Shared Vision

Guide leaders and their teams to lead authentically, creating a culture of trust, mutual respect, and shared purpose. 

Unified Leadership

Elevate your team's communication and conflict resolution skills. Navigate challenges with clarity to find win-win solutions.

Conflict Management

Enhance the overall wellness and engagement of your team. Create a more engaged, productive, and satisfied team. 

Collective Well-Being

Boost retention and elevate team performance. Enhance interpersonal dynamics and build a thriving environment.

Elevate Performance

Organizations gain 529% financial ROI from coaching in addition to intangible benefits to the business.

  • Team coaching is a process that helps teams enhance their performance and achieve their objectives through improved collaboration, communication, and strategic alignment. It involves working with a coach to identify and overcome challenges, capitalize on strengths, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Executive leadership teams, startup teams, technical and cross-functional teams can all benefit from team coaching. It's particularly useful for teams facing challenges with motivation, engagement, productivity, communication, and collaboration.

  • Priyanka brings over two decades of leadership and coaching experience from Silicon Valley, offering a blend of technical expertise and empathetic leadership. Her approach is tailored to each team's unique dynamics and challenges, leveraging strategic tools and frameworks for maximum impact.

  • The process begins with a team exploration call to discuss goals, challenges, and dynamics, followed by a comprehensive team discovery workshop. This ensures a customized coaching plan aligned with the team's objectives.

  • Sessions cover a wide array of topics, including self-leadership, decision making, emotional intelligence, executive presence, and interpersonal dynamics, among others.

  • Programs typically range from 3 to 6 months, depending on the team's needs and goals.

  • Yes, team coaching sessions can be conducted virtually or in-person, offering flexibility to accommodate teams regardless of their location.

  • Up to 10 participants per group can join the team coaching programs to ensure personalized attention and effective collaboration.

  • Proactive follow-up support is provided to review progress, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for further development, ensuring long-term success.

  • Yes, there is a robust accountability framework to reinforce commitment to the team's goals and ensure that plans and commitments are realized.

  • Empowered teams lead to transformative organizational outcomes, including improved performance, heightened innovation, and a positive work culture.

  • Tailored solutions address specific team challenges and aspirations, enhancing self-leadership, resilience, and interpersonal dynamics for cohesive unit performance.

  • Teams have access to assessments, detailed communication, and behavioral profiles, alongside deep-dive workshops for strategic topic exploration.

  • Team coaching improves dynamics by fostering mutual respect, shared goals, and collaboration, alongside building a supportive network of peers for shared experiences and wisdom.

  • Follow-up sessions serve as a touchpoint for accountability, encouragement, and strategic adjustment, ensuring alignment with goals and commitment to development.

  • Sessions are tailored to the team’s specific requirements, with flexibility in scheduling and topics to ensure alignment with the team's needs.

  • Clients report improved project outcomes, team satisfaction, innovation, efficiency, and achievement of revenue targets as a result of the coaching.

  • Priyanka Shinde is a certified executive leadership coach with 20+ years of experience in leading highly technical teams in Silicon Valley, offering a holistic approach to team coaching.

  • Priyanka offers a blend of real-world tech leadership experience, a holistic coaching approach, and a proven track record of transforming teams within leading tech companies and startups.

  • Interested parties can schedule a call to discuss their team's challenges and outline strategies that align with their goals, marking the start of their journey towards team excellence.

What is a TPM?

A Technical Program Manager (TPM) is a special type of program management role often found in the tech industry.

General FAQs

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Ready to Elevate Your Team to the Next Level?

Get in touch today to schedule a free strategy call and find out how my coaching and training services can accelerate your organization’s success.

Client Results Disclaimer

Please note that the results shared by our clients represent their personal experiences or those of exceptional clients. We're not suggesting you'll automatically replicate the same outcomes. Your results are contingent upon your individual hard work and commitment. The examples are meant to offer insight into what is achievable based on past results. Success requires substantial and consistent effort, dedication, and action. This program may not align with your expectations if you are looking for quick solutions or answers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Privacy Note

To maintain confidentiality and protect identities. some images associated with client names are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily represent their true appearances.

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