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Waitlist Open: Leadership Program for Women in Technical Product and Program Management

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Our exclusive leadership retreats are designed to empower you to unlock your inner strength and achieve your most ambitious goals.

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UNLEASH Women’s Leadership Retreat

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Are you an adventurous woman ready to step out of your comfort zone and unlock your full potential?

Cultivate Lasting Confidence

Lead with Purpose and Clarity

Develop Inner Resilience

City Bank

Trusted by Clients from Large Companies and Startups



Starting Package Rate

5 to 13

Month Packages


Sessions Per Month

120 Mins

Discovery Session Included

Found clarity and momentum to break through!

I was struggling with self-doubt and lacked clarity in my work. I believed in the myth that for success, one has to persevere at all costs. Priyanka's empowering coaching style helped me realize that I am responsible for myself, and freedom is an opportunity to create. I've gained clarity on my values and how my leadership plays a significant role in my work life.Without Priyanka, I would not have had the momentum and the confidence to power through the brick walls that were holding me back.


Senior Manager, EV Tech

Elevated my leadership impact for better results!
Through Priyanka’s empathetic coaching, I discovered my inherent tendencies that were hindering me which was a surprise and challenged my understanding of my personality and leadership traits. The mindset shift I experienced has helped me embrace ambiguity, elevate my leadership skills, and navigate challenges with clarity. I've become less anxious, more confident in my abilities, and better at managing the stressors of working in a high-impact team. To anyone considering coaching, I say that embracing vulnerability and discomfort is crucial for a true transformation!

Shreya Rawal

Tech Leader, Meta

Truly transformative and got promoted within a year of working with Priyanka.

I've gained a profound self-awareness, enabling me to proactively tackle challenges, strategize effectively and contribute high-quality work. Priyanka’s coaching has enhanced my emotional intelligence, and emphasized the effectiveness of strategic thinking. As a result, I have been trusted with strategic initiatives and built stronger relationships. Personally, I've become more relaxed, open to seeking help, and focused on my long-term career vision.

Devin A

Tech Leader, Warner Bros

Real Success Stories

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Meet Priyanka: Your Leadership Coach

Hello! My name is Priyanka Shinde and I am a certified executive leadership coach with 20+ years experience as a seasoned Silicon Valley Tech Leader.

I have had the privilege of leading highly technical engineering, product and program teams launch cutting edge products at renowned companies like Meta and startups like Cruise. My journey through the tech world, overcoming challenges similar to yours, has shaped my coaching philosophy. I have helped numerous clients leverage their strengths and amplify their voice to create lasting impact.


I am passionate about coaching emerging and ambitious leaders in Tech like yourself develop executive presence and a strategic mindset for unlimited success. I partner with you to provide clarity and direction to make you unstoppable. I will push you to think outside the box, break the norms and challenge yourself to make the leap.

If you are ready to redefine success and lead your career to new heights, then I am with you every step of the way! With me you will achieve your goals and get to your vision faster.

Priyanka Shinde, CPCC, MBA, MS

Priyanka Shinde, Tech Leadership Coach

Why Choose Priyanka?

  • Deep Silicon Valley Roots: Leverage insights from a seasoned tech leader who has been in your shoes

  • Tailored Strategies: Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, your coaching journey is personalized to meet your unique needs.

  • Proven Impact: Join an elite group of leaders from top-tier companies and innovative startups who have transformed their leadership and achieved remarkable success with Priyanka. 

Connect with Priyanka on LinkedIn

  • You can contact me directly through the contact form on the website, via email, or by scheduling a consultation call.

What is a TPM?

A Technical Program Manager (TPM) is a special type of program management role often found in the tech industry.

General FAQs

Client Results Disclaimer

Please note that the results shared by our clients represent their personal experiences or those of exceptional clients. We're not suggesting you'll automatically replicate the same outcomes. Your results are contingent upon your individual hard work and commitment. The examples are meant to offer insight into what is achievable based on past results. Success requires substantial and consistent effort, dedication, and action. This program may not align with your expectations if you are looking for quick solutions or answers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Privacy Note

To maintain confidentiality and protect identities. some images associated with client names are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily represent their true appearances.

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Ready to Transform Your Leadership?

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