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Waitlist Open: Leadership Program for Women in Technical Product and Program Management

Imagine achieving success on your own terms. Start your transformation journey today!


  • You sense that there's more you can achieve, but just not sure how...

  • You feel you are lagging behind while everyone else is moving ahead...

  • You know what you need to do but afraid to do it...

In just 12 weeks, I will help you achieve professional and personal growth and get to the next level of success!

From career transitions and business growth to leadership development and confidence building - I will guide you to transform your goals into achievements and elevate your professional and personal life.

You've great potential but struggling to breakthrough and feeling stuck...

Turn your ambitious goals to reality


With deep roots in Silicon Valley, my coaching is designed to transform your potential and redefine your path to success through self-discovery and strategic planning.

In just 12 weeks, I will help you achieve professional and personal growth, and get to the next level of success with my specialized group coaching program designed for ambitious women in Tech.

This program is right for you if:​

  • You want to accelerate your career but struggling to make it happen

  • You sense that there's more you can achieve, but feeling stuck in the daily grind

  • You know what you want but feeling overwhelmed and afraid to take the next step

Group Coaching Program for Women in Product and Program Management

UNLEASH Your Power and turn your ambitious goals to reality!

Unlock Your Potential

Lead with Confidence

Tap into Your Excellence



Join Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Priyanka will guide you through overcoming industry-specific challenges, fostering a supportive environment for women in tech. These calls are the heartbeat of the program where you'll find space to amplify your strengths and build your future.

Leverage the Power of Community: Join a community of like-minded women who share your drive for success in technical fields, creating a network that not only amplifies your individual power but also enriches your journey with collective wisdom and shared experiences.

Celebrate Every Milestone: Honor your achievements, and use them as stepping stones to success in the male-dominated tech industry.

Cultivate Unstoppable Confidence: Navigate and lead in technical roles with confidence, attracting opportunities to match your ambitions.

Take Bold Action: Turn your ideas into concrete, actionable plans with  specially designed tools, strategies, and frameworks.

Create a Vision for Success: Craft a roadmap to guide you to your goals with a laser focused approach.