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Empowering Women in STEM with Prashha Dutra

In an era of rapid evolution, leadership transcends conventional boundaries, extending its reach to empowerment, authenticity, and positive change. In a recent episode of the "Unleash Your Leadership" podcast, we delved into the remarkable journey of Prashha Dutraa TEDx speaker, CEO of Believe In Your Brilliance LLC, and a dedicated confidence coach. Her narrative offers invaluable insights into cultivating effective leadership in our lives, irrespective of our roles.

I am also sharing key actionable steps you can take based on inspiring leadership lessons shared by Prashha.

Prasha Dutra, TEDx Speaker

Cultivating a STEM Passion

Originating in India, Prashha's journey sprouted from a deep-seated fascination with the intricate world of science and engineering. Armed with degrees in chemical and mechanical engineering, she embarked on a career in manufacturing, progressively advancing to become a Group Deputy Director in a multinational corporation. Yet, Prashhha's trajectory was guided by more than corporate ascension. It was kindled by a genuine ardor for her field and a mission to inspire especially women to excel in STEM. This passion manifested in her podcast, "Her Stem Story," becoming a rallying point to share women's triumphs in STEM, challenging stereotypes and rewriting the narrative. The key lesson from Prashha's journey: When passion and purpose converge, seize the opportunity to amplify your voice.

From Passion to TEDx

Prashha's journey to the illustrious TEDx stage was driven by the power of storytelling. Her transition from a corporate career to a TEDx speaker might appear unconventional, yet it was grounded in her belief in the value of diverse perspectives. Prashha's story encourages us to embrace unexpected opportunities that align with our values, stepping beyond our comfort zones.

From Corporate to Coaching

Prashha's commitment to empowerment took a new form as she transitioned from the corporate sphere to establish "Believe In Your Brilliance Academy." This leap was far from facile, propelled by an earnest desire to assist women in finding clarity, confidence, and consistency in their lives and professions. Actionable Step: Reflect on your passions and how you can translate them into tangible actions that inspire and empower those around you.

The Essence of Leadership

Prashha's leadership ethos surpasses titles, emphasizing care, growth advocacy, and empathy. Her mentorship and coaching of women underscore the potency of this approach. Prashha maintains that every individual has innate leadership potential. By investing in others and demonstrating genuine concern for their success, this potential can be unlocked.

Call to Action: Identify ways to support and uplift those around you, whether through mentorship, attentive listening, or guidance. Authentic leadership ignites positive transformation.

Confidence, Clarity, Consistency

Prashha's coaching philosophy hinges on three pivotal elements: confidence, clarity, and consistency. Beyond mere buzzwords, these principles drive personal and professional development. 1. Confidence: Constructing confidence involves acknowledging strengths, celebrating achievements, and nurturing self-belief. Prashha advocates reflecting on accomplishments, irrespective of scale, fostering a shift in mindset and bolstering confidence. 2. Clarity: Effective leadership demands clarity – a lucid vision of aspirations and objectives. Prashha urges defining goals, breaking them into manageable steps, and sustaining focus on the bigger picture. 3. Consistency: Consistency transforms objectives into reality. By consistently taking small steps, substantial progress can be achieved over time. Prashha underscores routine establishment and sustained effort, even amid challenges.

Call to Action: Implement the 3Cs – confidence, clarity, and consistency – in your own life. Identify an area necessitating a confidence boost, enhanced clarity, or augmented consistency. Craft an action plan and commit to integrating these principles.

Leadership Is Inclusive

One of Prashha's resounding takeaways is that leadership transcends exclusivity; it's attainable by all. Leadership manifests in diverse roles – parent, friend, colleague, community member. By nurturing others, amplifying potential, and leading authentically, we catalyze meaningful change.

Call to Action: Contemplate areas in your life where you can lead. Leverage your unique attributes to inspire and guide others. Remember, leadership instigates positive impact, regardless of scale.

Embrace the Voyage

Prashha's voyage from engineering to TEDx to confidence coaching epitomizes the virtue of embracing one's distinctive path. Leadership isn't a terminus; it's an odyssey of perpetual growth and evolution. It's about embracing opportunities, confronting challenges, and leaving a constructive imprint.

Call to Action: Embrace your journey – experiences, triumphs, setbacks. Acknowledge each stride as contributing to your leadership journey. Embrace the unknown, trusting your voyage molds you into a more impactful leader.


Stay tuned for Part 2 - Believe in Your Brilliance, where Prashha shares more wisdom and practical tips for unleashing your leadership potential.


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