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5 Best TPM Interview Courses: A Comprehensive Comparison

The journey to becoming a proficient Technical Program Manager can be challenging, especially when faced with tough interviews in today's hiring landscape. However, with the right guidance and preparation, you can confidently tackle even the most rigorous TPM interview processes. Consider enrolling in one of the best TPM certification programs to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed for success. This guide aims to provide a detailed comparison of various TPM interview courses to help you make an informed decision.

Let's take a look at 5 of the best interview courses plus one bonus course.

Interview course

1. Cracking the TPM Interview by Priyanka Shinde

The only comprehensive TPM interview course created by ex-FAANG hiring manager

TPM Interview Courses

Price: Plans start at $297. Plans are monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Description: Priyanka Shinde's "Cracking the TPM Interview" course offers a comprehensive guide from understand the TPM role, best practices for powerful resume and deep dive into different types of interviews including technical, program management, partnership, leadership and behavioral. It provides many resources such as TPM interview questions, templates, frameworks, and tips for each interview stage. There are bonus templates available with specific plans.

Unique Value: Priyanka's course is based off her experience as a hiring manager interviewing hundreds of candidates. She has also been part of the committees that created the TPM interviewing frameworks seen today. Here are few distinguishing features of the course that you will not find in other TPM interview courses.

  • Provides an inside view into how candidates are assessed for competency and level.

  • Competencies based approach enables students to dissect any interview questions with ease increasing confidence.

  • Includes the grounding breaking POWERful Storytelling framework designed by Priyanka to help students create compelling narratives that connect with the interviewer and gets them invested in their success.

  • Office Hours to connect with Priyanka directly. The only self-paced course in the industry to offer this benefit.

Best For: Individuals with foundational technical and program skills who want nail their interview performance across all interview types. Individuals who prefer self-paced learning approach and yet want a personal touch will not be disappointed by the thoughtfully designed course from someone who has been at the center of TPM hiring.

Check out these reviews from our participants.

2. Ace the TPM Interview by Mario Gerard

Great course to deep dive into technical system design and agile management skills

Technical program Manager interview courses

Price: Plans start at $50. Plans are monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Description: Mario Gerard's "Ace the Technical Program Management (TPM) Interview" course covers technical subjects, system design, and agile program management skills. It includes common interview questions form Amazon and Facebook and provides answer guidance for the same. The course provides study materials, practice questions and access to community discussions.

Unique Value: Mario Gerard's course emphasizes technical and agile program management skills required for TPM roles. It also includes access to additional courses like Mario's own Technical Program Management 101 on Udemy and technical materials providing an in-depth coverage of various technical concepts.

Best For: Individuals just starting out and looking to solidify their TPM understanding, technical concepts, and agile program management skills before diving into advanced TPM interview preparation can benefit greatly from this course.

3. Nail the TPM Interview by Interview Kickstart

Intensive course with hands-on approach and personalized support

TPM interview preparation course

Price: $5000 to $8000 depending on domain, experience and target role.

Description: The Interview Kickstart's Nail the TPM Interview course is an intensive program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in TPM interviews. The course covers a wide range of topics, including system design, algorithms, behavioral questions, and mock interviews.

Unique Value: Interview Kickstart's course is renowned for its hands-on approach and comprehensive study materials. Participants receive one-on-one mentoring, detailed feedback on mock interviews, and access to a vast repository of interview resources.

Best For: Current or Former Project/Program Managers with technical experience who want personalized support and ready to commit 4-8 hours for 16+ weeks.

4. Hacking the TPM Interview by Educative

Quick and flexible text based course

TPM interview training course

Price: $59 per month for standard access. Plans vary based on billing preference. Premium and Premium plus cost more.

Description: Educative's "Hacking the TPM Interview" course is a self-paced online learning text and illustrations based course that covers technical concepts like system design and metrics sense and program management questions. It provides additional tips and interviewing advice.

Unique Value: Educative's course can be previewed which is helpful before making the decision to purchase. It has 64 illustrations across 32 lessons, making it one of the comprehensive TPM interview courses available.

Best For: Individuals who learn best through text and illustrations or need to prepare fast with more flexibility unlike video based courses.

*Note: Educative does have a separate Grokking the System Design Interview course that is very popular with TPMs and great for non-technical folks to learn more about system design and technical concepts.

5. Complete TPM Interview by Exponent

Prescriptive course with deep focus on technical and program management questions

TPM interview questions

Price: $79 per month. Plans may vary based on billing preference.

Description: Exponent offers a comprehensive TPM interview preparation course that covers technical topics, fundamental system design and program sense questions. The course provides video lessons and practice questions with answers.

Unique Value: Exponent provides in-depth walkthroughs and videos of the most common system design questions that are asked in technical interviews. They provide self-guided exercises and supporting videos of how engineers and managers answer these questions themselves. They also include simple tips and frameworks to use in interviews.

Best For: Individuals who want to learn the fundamentals of acing the TPM interview, including sample question & answer content on process and technical skills.

BONUS: Program Management Interview on Udemy

Created by Rion Angeles

Affordable program management course

technical program manager training

Price: Prices can vary, often discounted to around $10-$20.

Description: Udemy offers a program management interview course that covers a range of topics, including program management, change management and behavioral questions. It includes video lectures, downloadable resources, and offer negotiation tips.

Unique Value: Udemy's course provides an affordable option for those looking to explore pro interview preparation without a significant financial commitment.

Best For: Beginners looking to become a program manager at a tech company and/or those seeking an affordable way to start their interview preparation journey.

*Note: This is not a TPM course and instead focuses on program management roles in Tech.


As the demand for skilled TPMs continues to rise, the importance of effective interview preparation cannot be understated. Each of the mentioned TPM interview courses offers a unique approach to mastering the required skills for TPM roles. Depending on your learning preferences, experience level, and budget, you can choose the course that aligns best with your goals.

Remember that succeeding in TPM interviews requires a combination of technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, behavioral competency, and effective communication. Whichever course you choose, make sure to dedicate time and effort to practice, review, and refine your skills. With determination and the right resources, you can confidently tackle TPM interviews and embark on a successful career as a Technical Program Manager. Consider investing in technical program manager training to enhance your readiness.


Interviewing for a TPM role soon? Check out the Cracking the TPM Interview Course.


What is the difference between program manager and technical program manager?

A Program Manager manages collection of projects, ongoing iterative changes and/or multiple programs. They track interdependencies across programs, creating program level plans to achieve a combined goal. They collaborate across teams and other project managers to understand status across the projects and support action to improve delivery.

Program Manager is usually seen as a leader for the entire program. They can articulate goals and objectives and its impact on the business. Role extends beyond completion of individual projects and looks at long term goals.

Technical Program Manager is a type of Program Manager where the primary focus is on managing technical programs. The TPMs typically have domain expertise in specific technology that is leveraged to design, create and deliver business objectives. The programs can vary from deeply technical to large, complex multi-year strategic initiatives.

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